Unus Annus - Post Mortem

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1.5 Million people were watching as we laid Unus Annus to rest. Thank you for turning these past 365 days into something truly special. Without you, it wouldn't have mattered at all. Memento Mori.
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Bethany Bratton
Bethany Bratton - 16 minutit tagasi
Mark, I have loved watching you and Ethan for a long time, and then Unus Annus came out, and it became my absolute favorite channel ever. I love you guys so much, you have no idea how much you guys have impacted my lives, and I've never even met you, Ethan or Amy in person.
The one year anniversary of my brother's death was a week after Unus Annus ended. He was the one who showed me you, Ethan, etc..
He gave me the gift of watching you guys, and he didn't even get to watch Unus Annus with me.
Never waste a second.
Memento Mori, Unus Annus🖤🤍
MemesAnd Games
MemesAnd Games - 23 minutit tagasi
Where’s Ethan?
Muffin - 26 minutit tagasi
I was grounded and i still watched it.....im still grounded now but who cares
Perer Flores
Perer Flores - 26 minutit tagasi
Rip unus Anns
Myia Brailey
Myia Brailey - Tund tagasi
So mark I have to tell you something someone made a copy of your channel
Izzy's World
Izzy's World - Tund tagasi
My cat died when it was deleted
Izzy's World
Izzy's World - Tund tagasi
Doctor Lobster
Doctor Lobster - Tund tagasi
bro i’m so sad, i was in a hospital when it ended:(
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo - 2 tundi tagasi
Ethan: over 11 minutes, solemn, reflective, tears Mark: under 6 minutes, jubilant, hyped af, grinning
Ava Murnyack
Ava Murnyack - 2 tundi tagasi
Momento Mori ❤️
Alyssa Schneider
Alyssa Schneider - 2 tundi tagasi
Funerals and grieving aren't for the dead, they are for the living. They help us move on and look forward to the future and what awaits us up ahead. This, I think, was what the journey of Unnus Anus was all about.
• Strawberrymilk Gacha •
• Strawberrymilk Gacha • - 2 tundi tagasi
Wait I’m so confused-
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo - Tund tagasi
I'm from the UK so when I started watching it it was 12 hours then I whent to bed and I woke up in the last hour and 12 mins
Super Duper Mario Brother
Super Duper Mario Brother - 2 tundi tagasi
3:14 There's another pandemic?
Addi Zoink
Addi Zoink - 2 tundi tagasi
I cam back to watch this even though it’s been around a week since it was deleted— plz tell me I’m not the only one still sad—
Gun259 Updated
Gun259 Updated - 2 tundi tagasi
Why are there so many fakes.... of unus annus.
Brain Drain
Brain Drain - 3 tundi tagasi
But now people are ruining it by fucking re-uploading unus annus videos

I’m looking at you “unus annus archives”
Solomon Docabo
Solomon Docabo - 3 tundi tagasi
Something tells me that there's gonna be several Unus Annus references in A Heist With Markiplier 2.
John Forester
John Forester - 3 tundi tagasi
I'm disappointed I was only here for the end of unus annus. Would've been a good distraction from working in the hospital.
DaDestsroyer 3000
DaDestsroyer 3000 - 3 tundi tagasi
memento mori my brothers.😔
Avenger177 - 3 tundi tagasi
if you watched ulnas anus from the day the started and deleted there channel like this comment
Bread Gamer 156
Bread Gamer 156 - 3 tundi tagasi
i felt emptiness when it was deleted, but I remember Markiplier still has his channel :)
Skeeter Yeeter
Skeeter Yeeter - 4 tundi tagasi
Well then, isn't this exciting. I watched them die, thousands of times. I know this is probably late, coming from the center of existence, but I just want you to know, markiplier that the whole thing may or may not have been your idea. I tried to warn them, I really did. but when all comes down to nothing, I know that operation 16 isn't pretty. especially when it's the 1 6 t h T I M E.
I'm watching you, markiplier. one of these days, things are going to take a TURN FOR THE W O R S T
Hagen springtrap
Hagen springtrap - 4 tundi tagasi
Reverse the clock
わーいSir_Ritch - 4 tundi tagasi
Why must you remenid us???
Reenaraerae1115 - 4 tundi tagasi
Long. Time. Ago. I. Been. Watch. You. Like a. Scary. Game
Ben McKinney
Ben McKinney - 5 tundi tagasi
Everyone: *Sad that unus annus is gone*
Me who never watched an episode: "This is a tragedy. " *sweats profusely*
Dot. - 5 tundi tagasi
I'm from the UK so when I started watching it it was 12 hours then I whent to bed and I woke up in the last hour and 12 mins
Michael Zarrad
Michael Zarrad - 5 tundi tagasi
Unus Annus were two different people mark and crank are also two different people you will see
TangentArc Studios
TangentArc Studios - 5 tundi tagasi
I am still subscibed to that channel
.•°røbîñ°•. - 5 tundi tagasi
how tf are people commenting on this
leah Godwin
leah Godwin - 5 tundi tagasi
Hi Mark, I want you to be aware of someone re uploaded most of unus annus videos under an identical channel. I want to to be aware as i think it is in the best interest. Like you said your final wishes. I hope this finds you well. We all miss the channel but we cherish the memory's the joy and laughter. I'm sorry to bother but I thought you needed to know
LowbittGameDev - 6 tundi tagasi
Good that they started all over again, they just began again with unus annus, and I like it.
Daddy Swift
Daddy Swift - 6 tundi tagasi
The death of unus anus was the first death that I have ever cried in that wasn’t anime🤣🤣🤣
Phantom - 6 tundi tagasi
Why is there a Alienware R10 PC in the back?
mr gaming
mr gaming - 7 tundi tagasi
i missed it
kinda sad
did i mis alot?
should i be sad?
Tsu Eggy
Tsu Eggy - 7 tundi tagasi
I was there when it all started. My Among Us character is named “Unnus” and it has a white suit, a crown, hamster, and is black.
ItzKiddo - 7 tundi tagasi
Like death, you can't accept the fact something you once had simply fell through your fingers like sand. You want to hit the undo button, or skip button, or even reverse time, you can't restart the game. You have memories, yeah, but memories are what we have experienced, until you slowly realize you can't make more memories for yourself, simply, you can just remember. That's all you can do, remember. We can't make ourselves MORE MEMORIES, with DEATH. Death is undo-able.
Blk Nite
Blk Nite - 7 tundi tagasi
There are so many copies of unus annus mark you gotta do put them up for copyright
Selena - 9 tundi tagasi
Selena - 9 tundi tagasi
Selena - 9 tundi tagasi
Cara - 9 tundi tagasi
Honestly, with all the shit that has been happening this year, waking up to a new video from you and Eef every morning made this year feel a little less miserable. I watched the entire live, all 12 hours. I skipped school, since I live in Europe, and I don't regret a single second of it. I'm usually not a very emotional person, but when the clock reached only 5 minutes, I realized what that meant, not only for me but also for you guys. I started sobbing, no cap, to the point where my mom came into my room, asking what was wrong. I didn't tell her the truth because I knew she wouldn't understand. It was just some dumb videos, right? It shouldn't have meant anything to me. God fucking damn it. I had a hard time afterward understanding why I felt like I did, but I think it's the fact that a year already has passed by so fast, and I still don't know what the fuck I'm doing. This whole ordeal. This whole channel really was just a reminder that we didn't have much time on earth, wasn't it? We don't have forever to do whatever we want, and most of us won't realize that until the final seconds roll in. I know I shouldn't cry over this, but oh my god.
Time really is precious, huh?
Puuding Music
Puuding Music - 9 tundi tagasi
I think i finally understand the meaning of life
Phoenix 115
Phoenix 115 - 9 tundi tagasi
I will never forget that comment I made on the grip was lose video I want to thank everyone who liked that or even remembered doing that you gave me something for life and I will never forget that
Plebdominus Rex
Plebdominus Rex - 9 tundi tagasi
Ethan: I feel kinda depressed
Mark: OH NO.....Anyway.
Damiam Quimtana
Damiam Quimtana - 9 tundi tagasi
I didn't hear of unus annus until it end, I have never heard anything and I would've probably watch if I only I knew. But I guess as he says nothing matters until it ends.
Albert Pavlas
Albert Pavlas - 9 tundi tagasi
While I agree with everything you've said in the video, there are data hoarders who will reupload everything from the channel.
Lozer zack
Lozer zack - 10 tundi tagasi
Pepe unas
GamerBoi 59
GamerBoi 59 - 10 tundi tagasi
Ngl I wish there was a sub goal to keep the channel for 1 more year at least
Mansoor Ahmed
Mansoor Ahmed - 10 tundi tagasi
i am that guy who saw unus annus when there would only 2 days after people started saying oh no and acts like i have been with them from the start
Syndicate - 11 tundi tagasi
Archive org has an archive of the whole series, and they’re exempt from dmca so rip
Dustywolf _ E.X.E
Dustywolf _ E.X.E - 12 tundi tagasi
The first likes on this vid is all the editors
SquishYT - 12 tundi tagasi
Unus Annus 2 when
Erick 33
Erick 33 - 13 tundi tagasi
Okay but can we pay respects to the editors because they got tortured by ethan and mark and their whole work is gone? 🤣
Gremlin - 13 tundi tagasi
Stayed up all night (although did fall asleep for like an hour) for the stream, was totally worth it!
William Caboose
William Caboose - 13 tundi tagasi
So why is unus annus still up
arda ulusoy
arda ulusoy - 6 tundi tagasi
It isn't? The channels you see are fakes, or reuploading data whores
Sarah Moore
Sarah Moore - 13 tundi tagasi
Mona Skylynn
Mona Skylynn - 14 tundi tagasi
😭😭 memento mori 💜💜
Unus annus literally saved me and so many other people. Thank you 🥰
alexandru turcanu
alexandru turcanu - 14 tundi tagasi
Oh so it was removed on purpose. Sucks to have found out about it after everything
Theo TV
Theo TV - 14 tundi tagasi
Mark have 27.6mil subs.
The Unus Annus farewell video, the "supposedly" highlight of that channel *and* Mark's 1 year's worth of effort, only had 1.5mil views (which is nothing by Youtube current standards)
And as far as I can tell, not a lot of people gave one about it's existence (ppl meme about it for like 3 days after Mark announce it, then forgot about it), since it's view is only like 1/3 of the number of view Mark's channel usually have (compare to recent vids of course).
I am sure there are many ppl already typing and yelling me for even badmounthing Mark, but I do not see the point of this even with this explaination.
Is it a meme? Sure didn't sound like it, nor was it funny. Was it supposed to be philosophical? I don't learn anything/deep from it/this video.
Don't call me a hater, for I had been with Mark since the Scp-087-b video. But I do not understand the point of that channel nor anything Mark is trying to explain here.
l thetuerkgamer
l thetuerkgamer - 15 tundi tagasi
Markiplier's last video will be him backflipping himself into his coffin.
Esther Esho
Esther Esho - 15 tundi tagasi
unus annus succeeded in what they wanted it to be
Ben Kearns
Ben Kearns - 15 tundi tagasi
Unus annus ends
Ethan: I’m not sure ... I feel okay
Mark: *slits the throat of del monte* why cos fun
Also mark: oh no it died... anyway time to start making the next project which will make you even more heartbroken than u are rn when it dies YAAAY
Therm6000 - 16 tundi tagasi
I literally just heard about this whole thing for the first time today...
Exhiled Toenail
Exhiled Toenail - 16 tundi tagasi
*Unus Annus gets deleted*
me: oh no anyway Time to rewatch all thier videos i saved.
Mark vlogs
Mark vlogs - 16 tundi tagasi
Mark I have stopped the clock
Jack Heaford
Jack Heaford - 17 tundi tagasi
so do people not know that people are reuplouding unus annus video's or is it okey... mark please answer.
Swag Swag Palpatine
Swag Swag Palpatine - 16 tundi tagasi
Mark will sue the reuploaders soon.
Snake Dude
Snake Dude - 18 tundi tagasi
I got a fucking Carl's Jr ad, with the unus annus clock ticking and it told me a food, A FOOD, was my, and I quote, my "daddy" now
Dr. MarioYT
Dr. MarioYT - 18 tundi tagasi
Good thing mark didn't actually quite youtube but the clock it doesn't stop..
Pablo Uribe Palma
Pablo Uribe Palma - 18 tundi tagasi
Damn youtube algorithm recommended me Markiplier shortly after this unus annus thing ended
Bon - 19 tundi tagasi
I was there PogU
A H - 19 tundi tagasi
Why not delete this channel soon too, so we can appreciate it more?
arda ulusoy
arda ulusoy - 15 tundi tagasi
it would go against the message the channel was trying to give, it was supposed to make you remember the inevitability death
Mr. Dino
Mr. Dino - 19 tundi tagasi
Mark has no legal right to take down channels.
Exotic _
Exotic _ - 19 tundi tagasi
Don’t even know what that is
Erik haworth
Erik haworth - 19 tundi tagasi
I missed the livestream :(
Bubba Vines
Bubba Vines - 20 tundi tagasi
I was there when it died
Chloe Weatherman
Chloe Weatherman - 20 tundi tagasi
What you, Ethan, Amy, and everyone else behind the scenes made was truly special and I was so glad to be there to witness it. Unus Annus will forever be a part of me, a special memory during a rough year that will be cherished forever. Memento Mori.
Usita, Zackary, T.
Usita, Zackary, T. - 20 tundi tagasi
When the goodbye livestream notified me I immediately exit to my online class🥺
Caitlin Lee
Caitlin Lee - 20 tundi tagasi
Oh, how lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard
Jessica Dever
Jessica Dever - 20 tundi tagasi
I'm in pain when you deleted unas annus... Im still in pain because I miss seeing you and Ethan together talking...
Almeida Kids
Almeida Kids - 21 tund tagasi
Who is [DELETED]?
Chris - 21 tund tagasi
Easy now, nobody really cares. The ego is...wow
fsg bot 1753
fsg bot 1753 - 21 tund tagasi
Pls pray for my grandad he has stage 4 cancer and only has a week to live.
burnt sienna octane
burnt sienna octane - 2 tundi tagasi
I did, i hope he will be happy in the following week. And while i don't know him, i wish you and your grandad the best.
DXZ_CLAN - 21 tund tagasi
Delete this channel
Anthony Smith
Anthony Smith - 21 tund tagasi
Someone reuploaded some 20 odd videos under the name Unus Annus! Ughhh
Rando Artso
Rando Artso - 22 tundi tagasi
Mark shush unus annus doesn't exist Unus is gone Annus is gone
We don't talk about unus annus anymore
Skullyboy 200000
Skullyboy 200000 - 22 tundi tagasi
What about the time box
David D
David D - 22 tundi tagasi
It’s not that deep buddy
Bioninja gaming
Bioninja gaming - 22 tundi tagasi
I know you won't read this but im asking can or would you do this again but keep it on
Oliver Macdonald
Oliver Macdonald - 22 tundi tagasi
Void _Ls
Void _Ls - 22 tundi tagasi
because now I can't
Void _Ls
Void _Ls - 22 tundi tagasi
i wish i had watched every daily video of unnus annus
Cure Aging Or Die Trying!
Cure Aging Or Die Trying! - 23 tundi tagasi
Completely false
arda ulusoy
arda ulusoy - 15 tundi tagasi
what is completly false?
Atomic Poodle
Atomic Poodle - 23 tundi tagasi
In the beginning I didn’t realize how fast the year would fly past. Then the last few months come it’s kind of started to hit. Than the last few weeks.... the last few days... the hours..... then the minutes.....then....within the last few seconds started counting down. To the end... Then. Then it really hit that all of it was over. Done. Gone. Never to be watched again.
Klipz 3030
Klipz 3030 - 23 tundi tagasi
Why is he so mysterious but so forward at the same time
Ish - Kaiben
Ish - Kaiben - 23 tundi tagasi

Abhinay K
Abhinay K - 23 tundi tagasi
Someone uploaded the entire channel to torrent. Idk if your reach is far enough to take it down but do try.
Reuploads like that just defeat the whole purpose of unus annus
Kings Gameing
Kings Gameing - 23 tundi tagasi
Do unas unas again
Alensezz - Päev tagasi
i knew someone on it apparently
Sa Ya
Sa Ya - Päev tagasi
I missed the end. Theres a fake unus annus channel ?
Swag Swag Palpatine
Swag Swag Palpatine - 16 tundi tagasi
Yes. Multiple actually.
Cassie - Päev tagasi
Unus Annus: ends Everyone: grieving Mark: Ok now it's time to bring more great ideas that will make you cry when it's gone- Everyone: ...wait wha-