A Stranger’s Last 3 Months to Live

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When I met Xavier Romero in July of 2019, he'd been given 1 week left to live. He was suffering from a rare form of liver cancer and doctors had given up hope. After hearing his story, I knew I wanted to meet him. Little did I know Xavier would beat all the odds and that we would get to know each other and become brothers.
Over three months of getting to know him, he taught me about what it means to fight for your life, to love unconditionally and to appreciate every single breath. He always wanted to start a EEcard channel and I told him that no matter what, his story would be told. He took comfort in that. Here is that story.
I know he's here with us. I know he's watching this video and smiling at these beautiful moments we got to spend with each other. I miss him and I know I'll see him again one day.
Thank you for watching. It means a lot to me and I know it means a lot to him.
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Yes Theory
Yes Theory - 7 місяців tagasi
Grateful to have crossed paths with you Xavier, may you Rest In Peace
FqzyFN - 19 päeva tagasi
RIP :(
King Rob
King Rob - 21 päev tagasi
aman sutar
aman sutar - 21 päev tagasi
After watching these video the respect for yes fam just went up❤️❤️❤️❤️
Crash - 21 päev tagasi
Rest In Peace you will never be forgotten Xavier
Kaboli Ayemi
Kaboli Ayemi - 22 päeva tagasi
Please come to manipur in chandel i bet you wont regret but cherish the whole time try no money for 24 hour challenge
Wanderlust Beauty Dreams
Wanderlust Beauty Dreams - 9 minutit tagasi
It's 2am and I'm crying like a baby
Jessica T. White, M.S
Jessica T. White, M.S - Tund tagasi
We needed this we needed to hear y this beautiful story thank you all so much for captivating authentic human interaction thank you Yes theory please keep loving forward obstacles may come but you all are helping so many LIVEEEE its bigger than you guys it @yestheory is a multifaceted and Multinational initiative bringing people and cultures together to look Beyond themselves in the world where we're so selfish you guys are helping us to see what selflessness looks like don't give up keep moving forward this touched my soul you guys had a vision and you wrote it down made it plan and although it may have tarried the vision came to life and now others are running with it
Habakkuk 2:2
may God bless and keep each of you through the love of Jesus Christ
Musashi Eto
Musashi Eto - 3 tundi tagasi
This is the purest video on Youtube.
Anshuman Sharma
Anshuman Sharma - 14 tundi tagasi
you guys had my love for what you do but after watching this today(idk why i never came across this video earlier) you have my respect. You guys have earned all this love and respect man.
Martin Elias
Martin Elias - Päev tagasi
Thank you matt for sharing your love and humanity for this man and his family which is greatly more than discomfort.
Nadim D
Nadim D - Päev tagasi
What a pity that YouTube doesn't have an "I love it" button...
Jordan Roy
Jordan Roy - Päev tagasi
This video just shows how much impact one person can make, you are making peoples lives better.
natahlia emerly
natahlia emerly - 2 päeva tagasi
Amazing story a wish him all the best i hope he proves the doctor wrong just like my grandfather’s did he reminds me of when I would go see my grandfather and send time with him coz we didn’t no how long we had with him till we lost him 2013 after he got his wish to meet his grate grate grandkid near Easter I have lost someone to cancer ever since 2013 every two years I lose someone it’s hard but I found out I was pregnant just after losing my grand mum so it’s hard but I get throw it the hardest thing is being homeless and pregnant
eSquared - Päev tagasi
Unfortunately, little bro passed away 😔
sherry a
sherry a - 2 päeva tagasi
Luke is Amazing !
sherry a
sherry a - 2 päeva tagasi
Rest Dearest Xavier, Rest dear Child ❤🎈⚘ All Our Love, from me and my Child, to you and your Beautiful Family ❤❤❤
sherry a
sherry a - 2 päeva tagasi
I would kill for these guys to help my severely Handicapped and autistic child get to Disneyland. But I don't know how to ask, as I don't know anything about Facebook or any other way to get in touch. Anyone know how I can ask ? This would be the best thing ever for my Child. A Dream come true
Cassidy Donnell
Cassidy Donnell - 2 päeva tagasi
gosh i really thought i could get away with the video being over before saying he died .. :( knew it was coming. what a beautiful soul
eSquared - Päev tagasi
It’s tough
Ethan Reee
Ethan Reee - 2 päeva tagasi
You meany you made me cry
Kate Miller
Kate Miller - 3 päeva tagasi
I just stumbled on your channel about an hour ago. I’m lying in bed, at 4.52am in Melbourne Australia, just crying and crying. This story is so amazingly beautiful, from the opening sequence and first thought for this video. Each person plays such a special role in the story, in this community of family and friends. I haven’t heard anything that’s touched my heart quite like this in a very long time.
I’m 38, 39 in a couple of weeks, I’m single, never really found love but hope I find it one day. I live with my mum as her carer while she battles stage four lung cancer. I had my own small business that went under when the pandemic hit, but I also chose to stop working a few weeks before as I just didn’t want to risk passing the virus onto her as I was working closely with the general public. Even though we’re still in strict lockdown I wouldn’t have it any other way if we weren’t. My mum is my life, she always has been. She’s my hero, she has done so much for me and my sister. Our dad died in a motorbike accident on his way to work when I was 6 and my sister was 3mths old. She struggled for a year or 2, but then went and finished high school, went to university, worked at the same time all the while bringing up 2 very young kids. To say she is a true hero and role model is an understatement!! I’m absolutely terrified of life without her. I developed separation anxiety when my dad passed, and PTSD after being in the Bali terror attack in 2002. And my mum has just always been my constant. We had a bigger family but after my grandmother’s passed they accused my mum of stealing and took half her inheritance which was not much, while they live on a huge farm and have multiple properties around Melbourne. My mum is so scared of dying, she’s so worried she going to leave me and my sister in a mess with a bit of a mortgage. I’m not worried about that, I just want to make her happy and be at peace. I want to take her on trips up north when our borders reopen and just give her a beautiful, peaceful last years. She’s been through so much with my dad passing, family dramas, money worries and worrying about me and my sister. We don’t have many people in our lives but the ones we do have really count, which is great, it’s just hard as most of them live up north. I would love to fix up her house and sell it to move to the bush or at least make it nice and comfortable for her.
Anyway, that’s my story. I just want to thank you for sharing Xavier’s story, it touched my heart in a very big way. I think it was something I needed to see. Thanks guys, and keep up the great work 💜💜💜🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺
eSquared - Päev tagasi
I’m so glad! The impact that my brothers story is giving to a lot of people is amazing!! ♥️😭
CHEAP TRICK - 3 päeva tagasi
LiNdA - 3 päeva tagasi
You have made a beautiful tribute video for an amazing man and his family. I can imagine how difficult it was to make, serious respect to you❤
LiNdA - Päev tagasi
@eSquared he has touched so many hearts with his positivity and strenght. His body may be gone but his spirit will always be with you ❤
eSquared - Päev tagasi
Literally beyond grateful for this opportunity !! I have a video I can always look back to whenever I’m feeling like Xavier’s memory is fading away.
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Though this entire video is nothing but beautiful, it makes me so angry that someone as kinda and humble as Xavier had to die from something that we've known the cure for for decades. Allopathic medicine just doesnt actually give a shit about curing us because it makes so much money on sick people and they like to suck every last penny out of each and every one of us until we die. So nothing im about to tell you is taught in medical school and will never be taught, and is called "pseudoscience" to discredit anyone from even looking into it, because they dont want people cured of anything, thats not good for business. Ive cured many people from all kinda of diseases, and cancer is just one of them.
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I hope this message helps someone (: I love you all
Santan TV Vines
Santan TV Vines - 3 päeva tagasi
Did he really died?
Rest In Peace Xavier😭😩
Soph_ W2
Soph_ W2 - 5 päeva tagasi
It went from me shedding a tear to me cracking up laughing when Luke came
Tizz Tizz
Tizz Tizz - 5 päeva tagasi
😭😭😭😭 I can't stop ..... My advice to everyone is that they should live their best life and make it meaningful. Much love ❤️
Lui Aure
Lui Aure - 5 päeva tagasi
When we celebrate love, we bring them together...
Hannah Rose
Hannah Rose - 6 päeva tagasi
I cried 5 seperate times... great content love you guys
Ňí Ñå
Ňí Ñå - 6 päeva tagasi
the dislikes are from the ones who could not stop crying
eSquared - Päev tagasi
Yes! I’m one of them
James Thonn
James Thonn - 6 päeva tagasi
R. I. P
Eriko Febrianus T.
Eriko Febrianus T. - 6 päeva tagasi
wow it just beautiful..
kumar kumara
kumar kumara - 6 päeva tagasi
Rest in peace xavier.. And thanks for teaching us the value of living and fighting. Love from India
 - 7 päeva tagasi
I’m gonna cry
jawbone report
jawbone report - 7 päeva tagasi
Damn bro, probably the best speech I've ever heard. Bless 🌸💖
eSquared - 7 päeva tagasi
It truly was! I wasn’t expecting him to speak at our wedding 😭
Leibialbira Sierra
Leibialbira Sierra - 7 päeva tagasi
it's so crazy watching this video my mother died on December 11, 2019( 3 days before my sisters b-day) and she was also diagnoses with cancer and she tried so hard to hold on to life
she fought with cancer for more than 6 years
remember to love the people you have around you they may not be here the next day
Rui Oliveira
Rui Oliveira - 8 päeva tagasi
Bro you made cry... 😭😭
Andrew Philip
Andrew Philip - 8 päeva tagasi
such awesome guys ❤️❤️❤️.
HoshiS Kimchi
HoshiS Kimchi - 8 päeva tagasi
This never gets old 💪💪💪 watched this for the 3rd time this year
eSquared - 7 päeva tagasi
Yepppp, I watch it everyday. It’s the only thing I have that keeps me close to X.
Svixya -Viper
Svixya -Viper - 8 päeva tagasi
I really hope Xavier is flying so high In heaven rn, he has such a beautiful loving soul...
Kiara - 9 päeva tagasi
next time we are upset because of some peanuts, each one of us should be so damn grateful to be healthy, to be able to walk, to be able to live in such great countries and to be part of a family. we all have something we should be way more grateful for, so start today
randomvideos9316 - 9 päeva tagasi
"When we're celebrating love, we being back those people" (NOT CRYING)
Diego - 10 päeva tagasi
Latinos are strong
d ́buC
d ́buC - 10 päeva tagasi
John markström
John markström - 10 päeva tagasi
You guys are truly the most amazing group of people.
I'm from a family who's been through a lot and you literally made my tear up thoughout the entire video.
Keep on doing what you're doing.
Love from Sweden.