Cooking with chainsaw

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Boris cooks soup by using only a chainsaw and pure slav skill. There is potato, carrot, cabbage, meat and.. of course the bay leaf. Delicious as always! Enjoy.
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Stay cheeki breeki! Enjoy!
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Life of Boris
Life of Boris - 19 päeva tagasi
Boris with chainsaw shirt here:
Ege Efes
Ege Efes - 22 tundi tagasi
Life of Boris 4:48 Cooking with brick? OFCOURSE BORIS DID IT
Wack - 2 päeva tagasi
Máté Borda
Máté Borda - 3 päeva tagasi
D: you forgot the cheese from the butterbrod :C
Meton12765 - 8 päeva tagasi
cooking with avtmat kalashnikov next
Solar M
Solar M - 16 päeva tagasi
Adham Soldier
Adham Soldier - 4 tundi tagasi
Boris could you cook with a hammer
big boss gaming
big boss gaming - 4 tundi tagasi
Sawdust potato
cq33xx - 6 tundi tagasi
up next ''Cooking with TT33''
i know you can do it
cq33xx - 6 tundi tagasi
WARNING chainsaws leaking chain oil to everything they cut xD
Sal Warda
Sal Warda - 10 tundi tagasi
Next challenge: Cook with medieval flail
Ege Efes
Ege Efes - 22 tundi tagasi
4:48 Cooking with brick? OFCOURSE BORIS DID IT
Captain Sabertache
Captain Sabertache - Päev tagasi
I want to see boris cooking with a woodchipper!!!
Ghazghkull Thraka
Ghazghkull Thraka - Päev tagasi
2:33 Can't pick up a hot pot lip with your bare hands. What kind of Slav are you?
Boss Andersen
Boss Andersen - Päev tagasi
Cooking with hammer
اسد افريقيا
اسد افريقيا - 2 päeva tagasi
i hate pork
ilkerbey _001
ilkerbey _001 - 2 päeva tagasi
Say hello to my little CHAİNSAW
ZinX - 2 päeva tagasi
i thought it said coding with chainsaw....
Tobi - 3 päeva tagasi
+1 like from germany
aemiil - 3 päeva tagasi
2:34 we are cooking potato, boris, not leg
Victor Zhang
Victor Zhang - 4 päeva tagasi
what we need is a face reveal
Your friendly Neighborhood Grumm
Do cooking with brick.
Kurosakidude - 5 päeva tagasi
Streets of moscow? Boris confirmed ruski
Colin Chung
Colin Chung - 5 päeva tagasi
4:35 it is chainslaw
hi bye
hi bye - 5 päeva tagasi
"what is next cooking with brick?" well he wasn't wrong
Daniel Hahn Conradsen
Daniel Hahn Conradsen - 5 päeva tagasi
I’m confused. Does he actually eat everything he cooks in these videos like the butter brot
diablitofilipino - 6 päeva tagasi
I want the name of the song!!!!!!
Phoenix Merrill
Phoenix Merrill - 7 päeva tagasi
this is like bringing a tank to a fist fight
Denise Nardinocchi
Denise Nardinocchi - 7 päeva tagasi
But..boris have you got neighbors? 😂😂😂 (Ok im not english but italian (i like the R not english but russian,italian or spanish ÙwÚ)
I love russia before this video
My life is hell
My life is hell - 7 päeva tagasi
I am the professional daun . I can do it .
Hazar the meme brain
Hazar the meme brain - 7 päeva tagasi
ThA MeMe
ThA MeMe - 8 päeva tagasi
Try not getting any earth Spice on food i challenge u
Chauncyna-YT - 8 päeva tagasi
3:32 "but we are not savages here"
proceeds to cutting carrots with a chainsaw. Normal day for slav's.
ivana timkova
ivana timkova - 8 päeva tagasi
Cooking with pickaxe could be intereesting
Manal Mokhlesse
Manal Mokhlesse - 9 päeva tagasi
why are you like this? and why am i secretly in love with you?
Sam Yal
Sam Yal - 9 päeva tagasi
This is why I don’t want Boris as a neighbor
Fuze Gaming
Fuze Gaming - 9 päeva tagasi
Do cooking with electric fan
The Rainbow Six Gamer Guy
The Rainbow Six Gamer Guy - 9 päeva tagasi
Boris,can you teach me how to be antivirused slav?
садыхывичь - 10 päeva tagasi
Я русский комент прочитай меня
Alma Fuertes
Alma Fuertes - 10 päeva tagasi
1:15 we call it a pot
kaylam - 11 päeva tagasi
cook with a kalashnikov
Floor Gang
Floor Gang - 11 päeva tagasi
I couldn't care less even if you come from my neighbor country anomaly is way better
Blu3_ b1rd22
Blu3_ b1rd22 - 11 päeva tagasi
America: jason vorhees
Russia: boris and the chainsaw soup
[サンダー] - 12 päeva tagasi
Boris is actually quite a good cook with his meat hygiene and stuffs
A day in the life of a gamer
A day in the life of a gamer - 12 päeva tagasi
"But we are not savages here"
*Proceeds to cut carrots with a chainsaw out in the middle of nowhere ontop of a log*