Cheap Xiaomi 108mp Camera vs The S20 Ultra? - TEARDOWN!

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Its time to take apart the new Mi Note 10 Pro! A Portion of this video was sponsored by LastPass. Click here to start using LastPass: The inexpensive Mi Note 10 has a top of the line 108mp camera. But how does it stack up against the 108mp camera inside the super expensive Galaxy S20 Ultra? The only way to find out is from the inside. It turns out that Samsung is the one who makes the sensors for BOTH phones: Pretty crazy! There are minor variences of course. Like software and how the phone captures the images. But it is interesting to see the hardware from the inside.
Check out the Mi Note 10 Pro Durability Test HERE:
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Israt jahan
Israt jahan - Tund tagasi
Imagine all those 8 cameras in a Nokia phone.
nzubiz nzubiz
nzubiz nzubiz - 7 tundi tagasi
Send the two phones to me so I can treat them well. Do you even value a girlfriend?
Eduardo pereira
Eduardo pereira - 17 tundi tagasi
Eu louco por Xiaomine e vendo esse video eu chorei kkk
Meu sonho é ter um desse!
Tahzih Abdullah
Tahzih Abdullah - Päev tagasi
Me with my 8 megapixel single camer😓😓
Laughter Therapy
Laughter Therapy - Päev tagasi
These phones are my dream phones like a dream girl....i feel really heart broken when u do like this ..... 💔
Can you please buy some broken phones & do this stuff.... Not with new & totally perfect phones.
Fahd Prabu Persada
Fahd Prabu Persada - Päev tagasi
Fahd Prabu Persada
Fahd Prabu Persada - Päev tagasi
zeki noob
zeki noob - Päev tagasi
Judel Playz
Judel Playz - Päev tagasi
︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎
Zod88 - 2 päeva tagasi
On the battery it's written: 5170/5260mAh (min/typ). What does it mean? So i have 5170mAh capacity or 5260? I don't get it.
Rathod Mukesh
Rathod Mukesh - 2 päeva tagasi
Hotel Papa
Hotel Papa - 3 päeva tagasi
this vid. hurts my eyes :(
Lazy Otaku Gamer
Lazy Otaku Gamer - 3 päeva tagasi
Hurts to see phones destroyed XD
Manish Nandlal sharma
Manish Nandlal sharma - 3 päeva tagasi
The china product is not good
Moshiur Rahman
Moshiur Rahman - 3 päeva tagasi
This cam is not good enough
frustrated BANIYA
frustrated BANIYA - 3 päeva tagasi
I think swapping the camera will be awesome
Nani Tedlapu
Nani Tedlapu - 3 päeva tagasi
Sir what will you do with these tier down mobile
Hlias Zlm
Hlias Zlm - 3 päeva tagasi
Benhadjira Kamel
Benhadjira Kamel - 3 päeva tagasi
My eyes My eyes
Drive Eat and Travel With Deepak
Mi note 10 battery is 5170 mah? It's written 5260 in specs... Why so
Joa chow
Joa chow - 3 päeva tagasi
How is it cheap😐
M Shafiuddin
M Shafiuddin - 4 päeva tagasi
Why did LastPass only sponsored a 'portion' of this video?
Anil Babu .M.B
Anil Babu .M.B - 4 päeva tagasi
I need that mobile 😭😭😭😭
RAONE GaminG - 5 päeva tagasi
Hay can you send me any broken phone please 🙏 send mee
The One
The One - 5 päeva tagasi
Hey 4k comments. I'm seeing comments in 4k.
Mahesh LP varma
Mahesh LP varma - 6 päeva tagasi
I am your subscribers please give MI phone I am leaves with India music game main phone
Mahesh LP varma
Mahesh LP varma - 6 päeva tagasi
Please give me a phone me 10
Andy K
Andy K - 7 päeva tagasi
my hand shakin'
Axspeo - 8 päeva tagasi
7:25 This "clear" camera lenses
Sudheesh pb
Sudheesh pb - 8 päeva tagasi
CLIMAX TV - 9 päeva tagasi
Imagine having that much money, lol
jeron joe pama
jeron joe pama - 9 päeva tagasi
Can i have the Mi sir? Lol.
suraj rajesh
suraj rajesh - 9 päeva tagasi
What was the point of this video? Opening and reassembling?
PiNKiE PiE - 3 päeva tagasi
Harun Gören
Harun Gören - 9 päeva tagasi
Mi 10 pro 💪🏻
Shiva Mudhiraj
Shiva Mudhiraj - 10 päeva tagasi
please cheke the realme 6 pro
Cyril Sabu
Cyril Sabu - 10 päeva tagasi
Can you try swapping the 108 sensors....
Sara J Hoogland
Sara J Hoogland - 10 päeva tagasi
Kevz TV
Kevz TV - 10 päeva tagasi
The way to talk was so smooth
W Z - 10 päeva tagasi
Can you connect the phones again? And make it work?
J꙰O꙰K꙰E꙰R꙰ R꙰
J꙰O꙰K꙰E꙰R꙰ R꙰ - 11 päeva tagasi
Waste of money
Hoji Yunusov
Hoji Yunusov - 11 päeva tagasi
It is very very good job
Hoji Yunusov
Hoji Yunusov - 11 päeva tagasi
Hello SIR
Karriestin Y.
Karriestin Y. - 11 päeva tagasi
Best of TikTok
Best of TikTok - 12 päeva tagasi
1:34 🥰.
jeff jerry sabijon
jeff jerry sabijon - 12 päeva tagasi
For me sir when watching your all video posted im always saying (sayang) in tagalog) in english its wasted gadgets because the most phone that you've open it on every parts is the one phones that the most expensive here in the philippines. for me Until now i cant afford it.

During wathcing your full video im always thinking or wishing that device im able to get that devices opened for free. And having expensive phone like that

when its happened 😀😀😀😀😀😀

i am enjoying watching sir 👍👍👍👍👍
anurag - 12 päeva tagasi
the definition of a removable battery has changed a lot nowdays.
Aardilah GAMING
Aardilah GAMING - 13 päeva tagasi
Shikha Somani
Shikha Somani - 13 päeva tagasi
No more chinese phones please.
weirhauch 100
weirhauch 100 - 13 päeva tagasi
Jerry as long as you know that the different software makes a better image quality ,why did you open these devices up?
Plus samsung is known to produce such parts to many different companies !
Pradeep kumar
Pradeep kumar - 14 päeva tagasi
That's an eye opener !!
MikoUserX - 14 päeva tagasi
Very interesting experiment. Well done!
Akshay G
Akshay G - 14 päeva tagasi
Wht a stupid
Jholan Santiago
Jholan Santiago - 14 päeva tagasi
Hello jerry please next time you teardown the phone can you please check the chipsit what they used in the phone
Sandy BoleYT
Sandy BoleYT - 16 päeva tagasi
Him scratching the lens made me die inside
Sandy BoleYT
Sandy BoleYT - 16 päeva tagasi
The 108mp camera looks like it has hella stabilisation
Hjalle Olmson
Hjalle Olmson - 16 päeva tagasi
Emarld_Bois Teow
Emarld_Bois Teow - 18 päeva tagasi
Like:samsung galaxy S20 ultra
Comment:xiamo note 10 pro
James Paolo Teves
James Paolo Teves - 20 päeva tagasi
My mi note 10 is splash into the water and the camera doesn't work anymore. How can i fix it?
Emarld_Bois Teow
Emarld_Bois Teow - 18 päeva tagasi
Buy a new one
Luke Brincat
Luke Brincat - 21 päev tagasi
Wow, Thanks for this video! im on my way to pickup my New Xiaomi Mi Note 10 :) Can't Wait!!!! Looking at the internals is somewhat very satisfying :)
Md. Saiful Islam Faisal
Md. Saiful Islam Faisal - 22 päeva tagasi
He is like ripping my heart out of my body slowly slowly ....
Nazir Khan
Nazir Khan - 22 päeva tagasi
You are saying chep to redmi you different you are chep that phone is india s best phone in 3 years only your waste
Robert w
Robert w - 24 päeva tagasi
lets trow some dirt on the sensors for good measure and try to take photos
nuwan kuruppu
nuwan kuruppu - 24 päeva tagasi
hi jerry can you give me a tested phone 😢
Mokerramul Monir
Mokerramul Monir - 24 päeva tagasi
Anari Production
Anari Production - 25 päeva tagasi
7:25 I feel like he is hurting my eyeballs...
Patriot Omega
Patriot Omega - 25 päeva tagasi
Это единственный канал по телефонам где можно увидеть и узнать правду что находится внутри дорогих телефонов и как нас обманывают производители, вот похожий канал только по клавиатурам и мышкам там тоже всё разбирают youtube канал (IT Electronics)
This is the only channel on the phones where you can see and find out the truth what is inside expensive phones and how the manufacturers are deceiving us, here is a similar channel only on keyboards and mice, there you all are also sorted out by the youtube channel (IT Electronics)
דניאל - 25 päeva tagasi
wow i wrote a comment
Patriot Omega
Patriot Omega - 25 päeva tagasi
Manufacturers will soon sue him that he exposes them
lightworker221 - 26 päeva tagasi
I'm watching this and am thinking about how I would like to see you do durability tests on a tablet or a laptop.
Aditya Panda
Aditya Panda - 26 päeva tagasi
The layout is like iPhone 8 era and below ...
rashid iqbal
rashid iqbal - 26 päeva tagasi
Your content is pure
Jefry Valenco
Jefry Valenco - 27 päeva tagasi
Got this is helpful! Thanks!!
EASY TECH STUDIO - 27 päeva tagasi
Angrej sale ne Sare phn khrab krte
dtiydr - 27 päeva tagasi
I'm surprised the battery can handle a whopping 4.4V. I was sure max for even special types of Lithium batteries was 4.3V and even that was at the border.
Boycott Made In China
Boycott Made In China - 27 päeva tagasi
read my name
Short Haul flights Infinite Flight
In all videos I have watched about this phone IT says IT has a 5260 mAh battery? What is this
Esthavio Jon
Esthavio Jon - 28 päeva tagasi
Mean while, me who see this vlog.. be like wtf, who currently using a 1 gb ram lenovo good for noting phone. 😒
Royal Hobbies
Royal Hobbies - 28 päeva tagasi
But Why !!! Here people work year's and year's for buying a 300$ Phone...I know You can't explain with out it but.. It's heart breaking 💔
siren head
siren head - 28 päeva tagasi
apple disconnetd
C Avla
C Avla - 29 päeva tagasi
why you say that the charging and headphone jack are not replaceable?
can't they just be replaced in the motherboard?
Aditya Tekale
Aditya Tekale - 29 päeva tagasi
5:29 his fingerprint match my fingerprint(see in 4k quality)