Cheap Xiaomi 108mp Camera vs The S20 Ultra? - TEARDOWN!

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Its time to take apart the new Mi Note 10 Pro! A Portion of this video was sponsored by LastPass. Click here to start using LastPass: The inexpensive Mi Note 10 has a top of the line 108mp camera. But how does it stack up against the 108mp camera inside the super expensive Galaxy S20 Ultra? The only way to find out is from the inside. It turns out that Samsung is the one who makes the sensors for BOTH phones: Pretty crazy! There are minor variences of course. Like software and how the phone captures the images. But it is interesting to see the hardware from the inside.
Check out the Mi Note 10 Pro Durability Test HERE:
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Technical Chand
Technical Chand - 7 tundi tagasi
Paradox Shift
Paradox Shift - 10 tundi tagasi
Why would they spend time anodizing the screws to green?
jason jackie
jason jackie - 10 tundi tagasi
I thought xiaomi had sony sensor
Rogue Samurai
Rogue Samurai - 21 tund tagasi
Chinese products haters hit like.
Rogue Samurai
Rogue Samurai - 21 tund tagasi
Not going to buy anything chinese products. now onwards.
Hate them.
Ban Chinese products.
Stefan A.
Stefan A. - 23 tundi tagasi
sgnal noise ratio amount -40 dB (50 > 100 mp)
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu - 14 tundi tagasi
DJPhysics - Päev tagasi
Wath would happen if you put the sensor on but not the lens would it still work and what photos would it make
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu - 14 tundi tagasi
Sir please sent me this broken mobile I want to keep it as your fan...
To Ni
To Ni - Päev tagasi
I cringed the whole time I was watching this 😅
Frédéric Chopin
Frédéric Chopin - Päev tagasi
Is there any chance for a teardiwn skin/case of the mi note 10?
Navindren Letchumanan
Navindren Letchumanan - Päev tagasi
@JerryRigEverything do a Realme XT teardown please
The Empire
The Empire - Päev tagasi
Imagine doing a camera swap . From the xiaomi to the Samsungs it will be awosome
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu - Päev tagasi
"The battery is removable, thumbs up for that" Samsung's glue: sweats glue nervously
Ququestion - Päev tagasi
Could we all grow up and get rid of these century old Audojacks?! Like, do you also still use Scat for your TV? No, we grew up and got HDMI... Why not let Manufacturers work on a new Audiostandard....
MD S.I.S - Päev tagasi
Anybody can tell me what the model of this 108MP phone?
Amit Paul
Amit Paul - Päev tagasi
The most beautiful interior design of a phone.
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu - Päev tagasi
I want sekendand mobile mi note 10 pro reat $ ?
YouTok - Päev tagasi
I choose S 20 Ultra...Nice Video Dude..
Enlightenment Lanka
Enlightenment Lanka - Päev tagasi
Algorithms are more expensive than physical components 😃😃😃👍👍👏👏💝💝💡
Sudhanshu Atalkar
Sudhanshu Atalkar - Päev tagasi
Please do a durability test of redmi note 8 pro
Ashley S
Ashley S - Päev tagasi
Jump to 1:30 video doesn't start until then...
Musthofar Abdullahi
Musthofar Abdullahi - Päev tagasi
7:47 i almost thought Jerry is gonna tear down the camera🤣🤣
macaak - Päev tagasi
2:28 did you mean to say samsung or xiaomi?
Salman Ahmed
Salman Ahmed - Päev tagasi
Sir please sent me this broken mobile I want to keep it as your fan...
ferda Mravenec
ferda Mravenec - Päev tagasi
BLITZ عرب - 2 päeva tagasi
Dejan Milovanovic
Dejan Milovanovic - 2 päeva tagasi
Il never buy s20 ultra
Hendra Ngalusi
Hendra Ngalusi - 2 päeva tagasi
Hey Zack.. Xiaomi says that the Mi Note 10 Pro has 8 layer of lens inside the 108MP camera module instead of 7 layer like on Mi Note 10. Can you please check that out? Thank you..
Abhijith Mohan
Abhijith Mohan - 2 päeva tagasi
I thought that he was going to repair the camera too
CATALYST - 2 päeva tagasi
"Glass is glass, and glass can break"
I am not, but I am broke... Tsk tsk tsk
Khondker Rizvy
Khondker Rizvy - 2 päeva tagasi
Jerry would you give me one of clear back phone from you collection please 😁!!
Shravan Kamble
Shravan Kamble - 2 päeva tagasi
I want sekendand mobile mi note 10 pro reat $ ?
DT B - 2 päeva tagasi
Who nearly cried when he pried open those 2 108mp cameras?
Jayant Chakraborty
Jayant Chakraborty - 2 päeva tagasi
You can also try to swap these to 108 MP and sensor with MI and Samsung to check if they work or not
Soinas Doyi
Soinas Doyi - 2 päeva tagasi
• Other camera reviews with camera samples ❌ • JerryRig camera review ✔️ BTW Jerry, you didn't tell at which level the camera lens scratched
Martijn Kabbedijk
Martijn Kabbedijk - 2 päeva tagasi
Can you make a teardown case for the Oppo Reno 2z? That would be great!!
Razon YT
Razon YT - 2 päeva tagasi
Xiaomi: The Battery is removable. Thumbs up for that.
Samsung: There is enough glue to hold an elephant on the sealing.
Prithviraj S
Prithviraj S - 11 tundi tagasi
@Iiro Heinonen actualy u r dumb....wt if drs a requirmnt of a new batry...vl u chng d whole mobile🤣
Iiro Heinonen
Iiro Heinonen - Päev tagasi
@DIE HAPPY are you dumb? If you wanna change the battery yourself maybe?
DIE HAPPY - Päev tagasi
Why do you want removable battery? I can't understand people like you. It is fcking 2020.
Ak47 - 2 päeva tagasi
idk man this stuff is fascinating to watch. especially with new tech like folding and bigger cameras
Soinas Doyi
Soinas Doyi - 2 päeva tagasi
Iqoo 3?
hidayet baysal
hidayet baysal - 2 päeva tagasi
please scan the Xiaomi and make a case
Teemu Hill
Teemu Hill - 2 päeva tagasi
Would love to have teardown skin💪
The Manga Boy
The Manga Boy - 2 päeva tagasi
Yes I want it
Hassan Ebrahim
Hassan Ebrahim - 2 päeva tagasi
حرم عليك
Rajeev Vyas
Rajeev Vyas - 2 päeva tagasi
Is there any possibility of Iqoo 3 5g teardown anytime soon?
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose - 2 päeva tagasi
Zach- Let's start Meanwhile zach: switches off the phone
Szabolcs Tiger
Szabolcs Tiger - 2 päeva tagasi
just gonna mention that megapixel is not everything, even 8mp (8.3mp to be exact ) gives you 4k resolution and usually the bigger the pixel density (ie.: smaller the sensor) the bigger the noise the standart resolution for most professional 35mm sensor cameras are either 24 or ~30mp, since that gives you the least amout of noise. Of course mobile sensors use a lot of software to make the photo look better, but if you would want to do anything with that photo, like print it or something it would'nt be that good quality, I guess the 108mp is good becouse the AI algorythms can work from more data.
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose - 2 päeva tagasi
luciano skaldeman
luciano skaldeman - 3 päeva tagasi
what about the xiaomi mi 10 pro 5g with soc 865 and 108 megapixel camera
ASHWIN INFJ J - 3 päeva tagasi
Cheap? It would be nice if you post samsung greedy 😅😐
Peter D'angelo
Peter D'angelo - 3 päeva tagasi
Can someone explain me why people would give their important sign info to a third party?
GTA and Apple channel
GTA and Apple channel - 2 päeva tagasi
Peter D'angelo well you have to trust someone right
Ravioli - 3 päeva tagasi
I need a dbrand for this!!!
Mix Amerila
Mix Amerila - 3 päeva tagasi
Please include this to your teardown. REALME X2 Pro JerryRigEverything
sipos cristi
sipos cristi - 3 päeva tagasi
A clear skin would definitely look awesome!
Ujjwal Saini
Ujjwal Saini - 3 päeva tagasi
Cool video
Lalo Gull
Lalo Gull - 3 päeva tagasi
Can you give this phone to me as gift
GTA and Apple channel
GTA and Apple channel - 2 päeva tagasi
Lalo Gull you definitely don’t want a phone that’s blended in haft
Siva Kishore
Siva Kishore - 3 päeva tagasi
Iqoo 3?
Frans Kimbler
Frans Kimbler - 3 päeva tagasi
Actually, being Quad Bayer in Mi Note 10 has an advantage in debayering process than Nona Bayer in S20 Ultra, giving a better detail, less noise and color accuracy.
Steve Polidis
Steve Polidis - 3 päeva tagasi
Make a video with xiaomi redmi note 8 pro please
Your All in ONE - NeeRaj
Your All in ONE - NeeRaj - 3 päeva tagasi
How can we believe on last pass that it will be secure to use at our accounts... 🤔
Shane Mahinay
Shane Mahinay - 3 päeva tagasi
You forgot about the mi 10 series?
Kapil Ingle
Kapil Ingle - 3 päeva tagasi
Just by looking the exterior can one say they are same?
Just because one battery capacity is higher than other - means longer power supply?
Battery Density should also be considered.
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose - 3 päeva tagasi
Zach- Let's start Meanwhile zach: switches off the phone
Devlater - 8 tundi tagasi
Are you one of these dumb bots ?
Torbidoni - 3 päeva tagasi
Why dont you do a giveaway of all the cellphones you have teardowned?
Melo Flute
Melo Flute - 3 päeva tagasi
Be honest, I know u skip the LastPass advertisement.. AHAHHAHAH
abhinav Chaturvedi
abhinav Chaturvedi - 3 päeva tagasi
you should replace cameras
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose - 3 päeva tagasi
You should be the voice for male Siri.
Mr. Deepak
Mr. Deepak - 3 päeva tagasi
Dono phone ka gand mardeya
nagalingam Bhaskaran
nagalingam Bhaskaran - 3 päeva tagasi
" A price that doesnt break the bank "
A new quote to adress it !!
Maulik Darji
Maulik Darji - 3 päeva tagasi
When are you going to make a video on ipad pro 2020
Infinite Vlogs
Infinite Vlogs - 3 päeva tagasi
Can you do a drug purity test video on the Moto G6
Dhan B khadka
Dhan B khadka - 3 päeva tagasi
Cheap phone ?????cheap phone can give you better specs
Reza Reinaldi
Reza Reinaldi - 3 päeva tagasi
charging port not replaceable? ew
Renz Ramos
Renz Ramos - 3 päeva tagasi
MotorBloxx - 3 päeva tagasi
make a teardown skin plz
MAXGUTMAN - 3 päeva tagasi
Can you do a durability test on the i pad pro 2020?
Kris K
Kris K - 3 päeva tagasi
You should have compared picture quality between 2 of those before cutting it to pieces :D
Motohunt94 - 3 päeva tagasi
Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro here bought it a week ago and I absolutely love it!!
D E - 3 päeva tagasi
request laptop teardown
seanhervey ramos
seanhervey ramos - 3 päeva tagasi
This is a waste
Aahil Eshtiaquen
Aahil Eshtiaquen - 3 päeva tagasi
Could you please upload videos in the 18:9 aspect ratio? Our phones could use the extra space around the notch.
Josue Almendares
Josue Almendares - 3 päeva tagasi
You should be the voice for male Siri.
Bartosz Urbanik
Bartosz Urbanik - 3 päeva tagasi
Red Lightning Sky
Red Lightning Sky - 3 päeva tagasi
Jerryrigeverything, why you are not making video about Computers or Laptops, try to make video and tell us about computers and laptops like smart phones.
BigFat - 3 päeva tagasi
Is your thumb ever gonna heal?
Julian Plays
Julian Plays - 3 päeva tagasi
*Gets new phone*
Dad: Alright, don't break it.
Me: OK.
*When little cousins come over:*
Rick UK
Rick UK - 3 päeva tagasi
Dude!.... U broke the camera 😥