Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Butterfingers | Bon Appétit

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What do you think? Should Brad join Claire on Gourmet Makes more often? Just think about how differently all of the gourmet snacks would have come out: fermented M&Ms, dry-aged Peeps, campfire Cheetos. Anyway, in this episode, join pastry chef Claire Saffitz in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen as she attempts to make gourmet Butterfingers.
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Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Butterfingers | Bon Appétit
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Kestus: 29:50


Antonio Michael
Antonio Michael - Päev tagasi
No one:
Ale Amézquita
Ale Amézquita - Päev tagasi
5:14 what was that sound?
Patti L
Patti L - 3 päeva tagasi
Melted Candy corn (1 bag) + peanut butter (1.5 cups), cooled then dipped in milk chocolate. Done
Yaren Aydın
Yaren Aydın - 4 päeva tagasi
i love how cozy the kitchen looks in the evening
Derp Lord
Derp Lord - 4 päeva tagasi
notice how its more fun when dan is gone on vaction :)
Glenn Donohoe
Glenn Donohoe - 5 päeva tagasi
They need to bring this back I miss the gang to much 😫😫😫😫😫
Robyn Wright
Robyn Wright - 6 päeva tagasi
Where can I buy the playing cards Claire found?
Gail Maria
Gail Maria - 10 päeva tagasi
Yah Yah Yah, couldn't take another minute, left after 3
Chasity B.
Chasity B. - 17 päeva tagasi
I loved them before they changed the recipe
Erik Voorhies
Erik Voorhies - 17 päeva tagasi
I wonder when she will realize the series is called "Pastry Chef -Attempts- to make ____." not "Gourmet makes ___.".
Jon Lejcar
Jon Lejcar - 20 päeva tagasi
Warning: diabetes trigger
Paula Manni
Paula Manni - 21 päev tagasi
She’s a chef and can’t temper chocolate? Odd
Balkis El Alami
Balkis El Alami - 23 päeva tagasi
I have the biggest crush on Brad 😂 the best personality
SerpentLight213 - Місяць tagasi
Simon O'Toole
Simon O'Toole - Місяць tagasi
Claire measured in metric 🥰
HRHDMKYT - Місяць tagasi
I may be overindulging with all my binge-watching of Gourmet Makes. Even though I have never made candy or tempered chocolate or anything like that, around the 9:50 mark I said “why don’t you add baking soda, Claire?” I see that it took you until closer to the 14:30 mark to get there. I could’ve saved you some steps, Claire! 😁
Crocs 4 lyfe
Crocs 4 lyfe - Місяць tagasi
Sohla is so intelligent and friendly!
Umaima Creates
Umaima Creates - Місяць tagasi
I feel like whenever Brad enters and talks,.it reminds of a casual reality TV cooking show (kind of a thing) that u would watch on Netflix idk idk 😂😂😅
JRW Plays
JRW Plays - Місяць tagasi
They should post cut free or blooper vids
Justin Whetten
Justin Whetten - Місяць tagasi
I made her recipe for this and they were fantastic!
Sameera Joshy
Sameera Joshy - Місяць tagasi
You can tell, Sohla is the kind of person for whom it's SO hard to say "no"
Sameera Joshy
Sameera Joshy - Місяць tagasi
But like technically Sohla did it. Tempering is CRAZYYYY!!!!
Miss GIJoe
Miss GIJoe - Місяць tagasi
Rewatching all of the episodes featuring Sohla with fresh eyes.
Jimmy Ho
Jimmy Ho - Місяць tagasi
Where are all the comments on how bad the new recipe is? I have not touch a butterfinger ever since....
Nelli Thomas
Nelli Thomas - 2 місяці tagasi
But seriously, how does a pastry chef not know how to temper chocolate... Sohla should be being paid for this video.
Sonal Tiwari
Sonal Tiwari - 2 місяці tagasi
Wt a waste of food ingredients
Big Dan
Big Dan - 2 місяці tagasi
You can MAKE Butterfingers ! I love you Claire ! Be my babymomma
john doe
john doe - 2 місяці tagasi
She could've just put a baking sheet on the stovetop and poured the toffee, peanut butter and cornflakes on it. Just keep folding until it's Incorporated and then take the sheet pan off the flame and let it set up and score marks to form bars🤷‍♂️
Mathew Gonzalez
Mathew Gonzalez - 2 місяці tagasi
I love this channel especially since we seem to have the same taste for everything! Lol
Taylor - 2 місяці tagasi
Teddy L.
Teddy L. - 2 місяці tagasi
Butterfinger must have paid for propaganda. The recipe tastes nothing like it used to! And frankly isn't as tasty to me.
alyazya ahmed
alyazya ahmed - 2 місяці tagasi
love brad
Aliya Anderson
Aliya Anderson - 2 місяці tagasi
So Sohla didn’t get paid for helping Claire for this video?
James Butler
James Butler - 2 місяці tagasi
Rather amused that Gaby got multi-second censor beep by Brad's casual "godd*mn" made it all the way into the subtitles ;p
Andrea Tang
Andrea Tang - 3 місяці tagasi
I just finished watching this and I can't remember the last time I had a butterfinger.
Austin Clowers
Austin Clowers - 3 місяці tagasi
Hey Claire, I love to watch your show.
When I was young, I learned how to make Butterfinger.
Take your peanut butter, around 4 cups, and spread it over a clean non stick surface.
In a med saucepan, make a soft candy mix to around 360 degrees on a candy thermometer and pour it over the peanut butter and mix well. Re-spread and cut into bars. When completely set up, it will have a light crystal structure just like Butterfinger. Cover with chocolate.
Patricia Nicholson
Patricia Nicholson - 3 місяці tagasi
Finally @ 14:40 she decided to use baking soda!!!!! Way to go CLAIRE!!!!!
Sora Nakumara
Sora Nakumara - 3 місяці tagasi
i just love how Brad hypes Claire up its so wholesome
lambdatau118ful - 2 місяці tagasi
Sora Nakumara ‘knockin boots.
Nuno Soares
Nuno Soares - 3 місяці tagasi
Wait a minute. Did I actually hear Brad say he was proud of Claire?? Anyway. Great job with this recreation Claire :-)
Anna B
Anna B - 3 місяці tagasi
Crispety, crunchety, peanut-buttery... halva. It's halva, guys.