Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Butterfingers | Bon Appétit

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What do you think? Should Brad join Claire on Gourmet Makes more often? Just think about how differently all of the gourmet snacks would have come out: fermented M&Ms, dry-aged Peeps, campfire Cheetos. Anyway, in this episode, join pastry chef Claire Saffitz in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen as she attempts to make gourmet Butterfingers.
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Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Butterfingers | Bon Appétit
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Kestus: 29:50


vanessa guardado
vanessa guardado - Tund tagasi
Hi Claire! I think it’d be an amazing idea for you to recreate Girl Scout cookies 😀
Evelynn - 2 tundi tagasi
Delaney marry me, please
Kate Kroh
Kate Kroh - 2 tundi tagasi
You should recreate girl scout cookies !!
The Cat Collector
The Cat Collector - 2 tundi tagasi
Also, they didn’t
Amanda Beigel
Amanda Beigel - 2 tundi tagasi
Make gourmet Girl Scout cookies
Lily Foote
Lily Foote - 3 tundi tagasi
How about Milano cookies? :)
Oh Darling!
Oh Darling! - 3 tundi tagasi
Cadbury eegs
Oh henry
Annisa Muhammad
Annisa Muhammad - 3 tundi tagasi
aero miinnntttt
Annisa Muhammad
Annisa Muhammad - 3 tundi tagasi
and olso make aero mint!!
Gamer's_Den - 4 tundi tagasi
I'm gonna recommend Spree candy. I love Sprees and I think they'll be a challenge because of their consistency!
Theodore Stagnum
Theodore Stagnum - 4 tundi tagasi
why is claire wearing two aprons?? i really couldn't ignore it hahah (might also be because ive never had butterfingers, and im not interested in trying them lol)
Rachel Ward
Rachel Ward - 5 tundi tagasi
Gourmet Makes should do Girl Scout cookies!!
Luna Valdez
Luna Valdez - 5 tundi tagasi
Okay, but what about trying to make Harvest Snaps or Pretzel Crisps? Do you think those would be easier or harder for poor Claire?
SimmithaViolet - 5 tundi tagasi
Y'all gotta do girl scout cookies
Ryan Schlimme
Ryan Schlimme - 6 tundi tagasi
You should do pink drink!!!
Yikes dotnet
Yikes dotnet - 6 tundi tagasi
claire should try to make animal cookies!! (frosted or unfrosted)
Josephine Bodeholt
Josephine Bodeholt - 6 tundi tagasi
You should do something with Alex "frenche guy cooking"
Jess Cst
Jess Cst - 6 tundi tagasi
NutriGrain Bars or a variation of them would be great.
Asha Molina
Asha Molina - 7 tundi tagasi
I vote Girl Scout cookies for the next episode!
eseo6989 - 7 tundi tagasi
Please please make Hawaiian host chocolates!!!
Blueinyourface - 7 tundi tagasi
5th Ave is so much better.
jilly_beans - 7 tundi tagasi
do sour punch straws!!!
Kelly Soriano
Kelly Soriano - 8 tundi tagasi
Claire should do mike and Ike’s
Conspirasableye - 8 tundi tagasi
Nahhhhh mercury is still doin the moonwalk ma’am 😝
Max Nelson
Max Nelson - 9 tundi tagasi
Gourmet Maltesers next?
Lena Oliver
Lena Oliver - 9 tundi tagasi
I would love to see her try to make the circus peanut candy. The challenge is to actually make it taste good.
Bailey Mitchell
Bailey Mitchell - 9 tundi tagasi
Claire needs to make sweet tarts and the sweet tart ropes!!!
TheThom887 - 10 tundi tagasi
You should make 3 musketeers next
Emily Young
Emily Young - 11 tundi tagasi
I would like to request that you make Smartfood popcorn
triceb890 - 13 tundi tagasi
Gourmet Makes: Little Debbie edition
Nutty Bars (apologies in advance for the tempered chocolate you may have to endure lol)
Oatmeal Creme Pies
Honey Buns
Zebra cakes
Swiss roll
Cosmic Brownies
Moon Pie/Marshmallow Pie (who did it first/better Hostess or Little Debbie)
Not little Debbie but - Bugles
Ding Dongs
Viraj Reddy
Viraj Reddy - 14 tundi tagasi
13:29 😂😂 someone please make something out of that sound bite
Matt Hutchinson
Matt Hutchinson - 14 tundi tagasi
Make a gourmet Cadbury Creme egg!!!
Brianna Taylor
Brianna Taylor - 15 tundi tagasi
Why doesn’t anyone ever talk about how gorgeous Claire is
Spicey Squirts
Spicey Squirts - 16 tundi tagasi
Claire is the only person that can make me fall in love with someone who says texture a certain way.
A Macaroni
A Macaroni - 17 tundi tagasi
When you meet an owl

Mackin Carroll
Mackin Carroll - 17 tundi tagasi
Anyone else shook by this crazy packaging that's not blue and yellow?
Amanda Wolff
Amanda Wolff - 19 tundi tagasi
Recreate yogos....they got discontinued a while ago but those were my child hood
Alanis Merritt
Alanis Merritt - 19 tundi tagasi
Girl Scout cookies next!!!!
RoYT - 20 tundi tagasi
Anyone know if this is the end of the series?
Kellyyy Reid
Kellyyy Reid - 21 tund tagasi
Can you try remaking waffle crisp??? I know they stopped production but really wanna see how it’s made
Yana Babenkova
Yana Babenkova - 22 tundi tagasi
Do poppables next please!
LauraJean3 - 22 tundi tagasi
You could have Claire do Milka Chocolate eggs and send her on a trip to Germany (or wherever they are made).
Cindy Chang
Cindy Chang - 23 tundi tagasi
wait can claire make gourmet girl scout cookies pls
LauraJean3 - 23 tundi tagasi
You could have Claire do Milka Chocolate eggs and send her on a trip to Germany (or wherever they are made).
Dylan Atwater
Dylan Atwater - Päev tagasi
Neon Ghoul
Neon Ghoul - Päev tagasi
Ugh, the "new and improved" Butterfingers are TRASH now. Butterfinger was my No.1 candy and now I won't even touch it. It just tastes like a cheap toffee now and lost all of it charm
shiv1222 - Päev tagasi
Claire! Moon pie! Banana is my fave, tastes like a banana pudding. And you could def class that up.
Cookin it up with Ebele
Cookin it up with Ebele - Päev tagasi
Next can you make gourmet pizza lunchables
Make starcrunch
Em Is For Music
Em Is For Music - Päev tagasi
Olivia Chew
Olivia Chew - Päev tagasi
What about a Kinder Egg Gourmet Makes???
Lofilz - Päev tagasi
Girl Scout cookies next please
Alan McRea Jr
Alan McRea Jr - Päev tagasi
How come every time Claire comes on screen I hear True by Spandau Ballet?
Jess Ragan
Jess Ragan - Päev tagasi
Came in to mention the "Buttfinger" in the thumbnail.
KajahaX - Päev tagasi
dear media team: tone down the saturation
Kristen Essien
Kristen Essien - Päev tagasi
Imagine if she made Turkish delights but good?
Kate Mae
Kate Mae - Päev tagasi
You should make Girl Scout cookies! :)
Summer Rrr
Summer Rrr - Päev tagasi
Ummkulsum Ateeque
Ummkulsum Ateeque - Päev tagasi
you're so amazing claire
im so proud of you, i've been watching since the beginning, and you are becoming better each time, you give me a lot of inspiration. Thank you soo much.
Barbara Poynter
Barbara Poynter - Päev tagasi
Can you make Ding Dongs?