NFL Best QB Hits || HD

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KWT EchoWolfzz
KWT EchoWolfzz - 3 päeva tagasi
Anyone else hear Link at 1:16?
Sterling Sumner
Sterling Sumner - 5 päeva tagasi
U forgot the hit in the Super Bowl the guy Patrick mahomes and got hurt
Jordy - 5 päeva tagasi
Matthew “The Nigerian Nightmare” Stafford
Chuck Robinson
Chuck Robinson - 7 päeva tagasi
Aaron rodgers hit the saints after throwing a int
Sir Breadstick
Sir Breadstick - 10 päeva tagasi
This is what happens when defensemen forget not all QBs need the Brady rule, sometimes *they* need the Brady rule.
Marquese Norris
Marquese Norris - 11 päeva tagasi
Dion got owned
Jordmosch 300kms
Jordmosch 300kms - 14 päeva tagasi
I play back up q b ,runing back ,and corner back
HR Tense
HR Tense - 21 päev tagasi
My grandpa could make a better but hit comp and he’s dead
StriplingJr - 22 päeva tagasi
I know Taysom Hill better be in this video 🤨
Parker Lewis
Parker Lewis - 23 päeva tagasi
I know he isn't a starter but Taysom Hill had some pretty sweet hitstick moments this season!
Maxus Gamer
Maxus Gamer - 24 päeva tagasi
1:17 that was a hard block but did anyone notice how hard the running back hit that guy?
Bryan Clark
Bryan Clark - 26 päeva tagasi
NFL is such a meat grinder. Doesn't matter how much of a big ole stud you are if you can't avoid hits. GREAT hits here by Newton, but guys like him and Luck (exactly how you'd draw up a QB) have been torn down by the league and time.
Abra Cadabra
Abra Cadabra - 27 päeva tagasi
QB love to mosh pit
D A - 27 päeva tagasi
Jay Cutler > Tom Brady
Daniel S
Daniel S - Місяць tagasi
Then you have Rodgers who leaves the pocket, gets hit legally and breaks his collar bone, only to have the NFL make a rule that you can land on a QB after tackling him.
Kyle Congleton
Kyle Congleton - Місяць tagasi
How do you not have 42 year old tom brady on here? He had one hell of a block against the bills
Bryan Samples
Bryan Samples - Місяць tagasi
So much respect for Farve, when he was on the Vikings he played his fuckin ass off, not only was he the oldest of his career, he also was toughing it out. The dude went and smoked Patrick Willis for God's sake lol, man I miss when football was actually worth watching
Brian Gallerani
Brian Gallerani - Місяць tagasi
Love you
pirate772009 - Місяць tagasi
Here's a tip for Madden if you like developing quarterbacks lol. The backup tight end for the Chiefs is Blake Bell who played some quarterback for Oklahoma before switching to tight end his senior year. He's like a 58 overall quarterback if you switch him but if you keep it to short, quick passes and quarterback runs, you can develop him fairly quickly and because he has blocking stats because he's a stock tight end, he'll actually get downfield and block.
Captain Morgan
Captain Morgan - Місяць tagasi
Damn. Montana decapitated Grossman with that block.
Ayden Curiel
Ayden Curiel - Місяць tagasi
Ryan. Freaking. Tannehill
Moe N
Moe N - Місяць tagasi
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Ding productions is the best youtuber
And one day so will you
abel vayalinkal
abel vayalinkal - Місяць tagasi
Ayyyeeeee lets goooo let’s watch people get BRAIN TRAUMA
severthedream - Місяць tagasi
Maybe I'm weird but I always put up NFL highlights turn up the music something like *System, Metallica, Delta Parole, Sumersed or A7X* and do all my work.
Jkayski22 - Місяць tagasi
Where's the one with Jim Kelly breaking the ATL db's leg?!?!?
KRIATIBRO - Місяць tagasi
Brett Favre was an absolute MadLad.
jadamec - Місяць tagasi
Boy,,,,,,,, Ya know you'd NEVER see that Prissy Candy Ass Aaron Rodgers in here !!!!!!!!!
Diamond - Місяць tagasi
No one seen him give that to him at 3:10 ??
Antonio Brown’s Helmet
Antonio Brown’s Helmet - Місяць tagasi
Still don’t know how this channel is under 1mill subs
flyingdics1 - Місяць tagasi
Montana's were surprisingly weak in this bunch. Diving at somebody's knees is not a great hit, but just a way to get someone down if you don't know how to tackle or block.
69 Clan
69 Clan - Місяць tagasi
You should’ve put Rodgers tackle saving a pick 6
canon rckless
canon rckless - Місяць tagasi
Your really using MMG outro
Tripp Lancaster
Tripp Lancaster - Місяць tagasi
Video idea: Savage Hits
Vinny T.
Vinny T. - Місяць tagasi
"Church couldn't quite get to the church"--- lmao🤣☠️
Maxharddrive64 - Місяць tagasi
Matt Stafford...rampaging beast
Febrezio - Місяць tagasi
Olloz - Місяць tagasi
Who came here from ksi???????
SH 95
SH 95 - Місяць tagasi
Favre and tannahill have the best ones!
Marco Giacchi
Marco Giacchi - Місяць tagasi
I’m suprised Brett Favre had the balls to block Willis
Irshad Zahidi
Irshad Zahidi - Місяць tagasi
imagine being lance briggs
GrnXnham - Місяць tagasi
Not really that embarrassing considering that most NFL QB's are similar in size to a linebacker. QB vs a DB the DB is probably gonna get rocked.
clue less
clue less - Місяць tagasi
Favre is such a legend man
Jerome Clark
Jerome Clark - Місяць tagasi
So where are the Blake bortles trucks at???
David Williams
David Williams - Місяць tagasi
XiiLe - Місяць tagasi
Did I just see a 40 year old Brett Favre lay out prime Patrick Willis..........
Mitch Graham
Mitch Graham - Місяць tagasi
What I learned from this video: Joe Montana was the best QB-LB in history.
WolfeMM - Місяць tagasi
NFL stars best plays vs. worst plays
Example: for JuJu Smith-Schuster his best is his Vontaze Burfict hit and worst is his game losing fumble against the Saints in 2018.
Please use this idea i spent all my free time watching your vids!
WolfeMM - Місяць tagasi
Pretty sure D.J. Moore isn’t a QB lol
Matthew Weeks
Matthew Weeks - Місяць tagasi
Stafford .... Holy shit
Carlos Rivas
Carlos Rivas - Місяць tagasi
No one is going to say anything about Brett Favre destroying Patrick Willis
Maximilian Von Spee
Maximilian Von Spee - Місяць tagasi
Disappointed there isn’t the one from Andrew Luck’s college days where he straight up 100 hit power hit sticks a USC defender
Joshua Fry
Joshua Fry - Місяць tagasi
0:55 So Newton's willing to do that shit but is too much of a pussy to pick up a ball in the Super Bowl?
EVAN KLEESPIES - Місяць tagasi
I bet Ding won’t pin This Comment.
Bruinsbetrayer 2.0
Bruinsbetrayer 2.0 - Місяць tagasi
No Blake Bortles tackle against the Jets?
FKMRG - Місяць tagasi
so does taysom hill not get to be on here or is he getting his own vid?
Kenneth Rolls
Kenneth Rolls - Місяць tagasi
Qb blocks
Angel Kelley
Angel Kelley - Місяць tagasi
Why the fuck wasn't tom bradys block there
MARVEL Weekly - Місяць tagasi
Do out of position play fails
DALLAS COWBOYS - Місяць tagasi
2:04 Phillip rivers on Barry church?
Typical giants fan
Cristian Bautista
Cristian Bautista - Місяць tagasi
I don’t get it. QB can knock people out but when they get hit for sliding last minute, flags come flying out. Either you make up your mind hit or don’t hit at all. My thoughts.
Colton Laughlin
Colton Laughlin - Місяць tagasi
Y is Vick In here he’s a running
back... it’s a joke before y’all get but hurt
M W - Місяць tagasi
They missed Dante Culpepper - knocked down fumbles ball - recovered by Warren Sapp who is scooting towards end zone, when Dante gets up and runs him down, tries swatting ball out before dragging Sapp to the ground.
Owen Willis
Owen Willis - Місяць tagasi
Do a best punter/kickers hits vid
Keep doing what your doing dude
Josh Kohler
Josh Kohler - Місяць tagasi
No Brady, shocking
TrAsH - Місяць tagasi
You should do most jerkiest players
John B
John B - Місяць tagasi
Fuck Cancer! Please help children with cancer and place a vote for Mo for the Miss Jetset 2020 cover model competition. Thank you!
Da Broskies
Da Broskies - Місяць tagasi
You should do best stiff arms like so he can see
TTV_clapskids - Місяць tagasi
0:44 when ur fat and fast 💨
Shawn Hughes
Shawn Hughes - Місяць tagasi
When Christian Ponder laid out Lance Briggs at the sidelines!!! It was amazing!
Weese Bowski
Weese Bowski - Місяць tagasi
Where’s Marcus Mariota’s blocks?
IM INS4N1TY - Місяць tagasi
You should do airborne hits
YutoTheSaiyan - Місяць tagasi
Eat Your Cereal.
playaflyJOE27 - Місяць tagasi
I don't know which is worse: Getting tackled by a qb or getting trucked by one
Dylan Sutphen
Dylan Sutphen - Місяць tagasi
The play at the end that Brett farve made at the end was unbelievable. I mean that’s commitment to the game that I’ve never seen anyone else have. What other quarterback would run so far down field to throw a block after completing a pass.
SoldierOfSlaughter - Місяць tagasi
matt Stafford is a beast
Ramon Torres
Ramon Torres - Місяць tagasi
So we just gonna ignore Deshaun Watson tackle Vs the bengals or Watson block vs the giants?
Joseph Talavera
Joseph Talavera - Місяць tagasi
I bet the person who tries to tackle the qb is like THIS IS AN EASY TACKLE seconds the hospital
Penguinz.Memes - Місяць tagasi
*CTE has entered the chat*
Bust The Warrior
Bust The Warrior - Місяць tagasi
What about Jimmy G's pancake this year
The Harder the Hits. The Harder My Muppet stands up at Attention. 👍👍