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09:57 storytime of Boris origins
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Aloona Larionova
Aloona Larionova - 7 місяців tagasi
oh there’s my carpet! I’ve been looking for it everywhere
Charles Edge
Charles Edge - 2 päeva tagasi
yobel petra I see your comment and I S L A P P E D like. Big PP.
Charles Edge
Charles Edge - 2 päeva tagasi
Collab and make more little Slavs pls. Thank you.
Tzunamy ID
Tzunamy ID - 10 päeva tagasi
"Romania develops Coronavirus Vaccine able to cure white people only" Now first I say I am romaian, but I literally laugh my ass out on this meme. But also why does it seems a bit racist to me? Like we aren't racist, at least most of us
Weird2 Weird
Weird2 Weird - Місяць tagasi
yobel petra are you davie504 fan?
Kushagra Tiwari
Kushagra Tiwari - Місяць tagasi
Aloona Blyat!
Viviana Trella
Viviana Trella - Päev tagasi
6:17 im romanian and also dying
Charles Edge
Charles Edge - 2 päeva tagasi
BORIS, why’d you shift to Teespring and are you abandoning Weslav?
Bauer CA
Bauer CA - 2 päeva tagasi
Holy fuck that’s an ambitious crossover life of Boris and donut operator
Roland Lawrence
Roland Lawrence - 2 päeva tagasi
im not sure boris is a slav. NOT ONE single video on the T72 танк. maybe 1/2 slav for the Adidas stripes on the AK.5:44 no slav drinks absolute vodka. only russian standard!
The Comrade King
The Comrade King - 5 päeva tagasi
“Hey let’s make some cheese”
Mirabilis Alba
Mirabilis Alba - 7 päeva tagasi
More plz ._. I know I'm late. More debunking, especially, pls :D
PJ Hedrick
PJ Hedrick - 10 päeva tagasi
ДА! More Reddit
Proffesional ???%
Proffesional ???% - 12 päeva tagasi
I love how he asks who the blin is giorno 🤣
RewtareTHEog 33
RewtareTHEog 33 - 12 päeva tagasi
6;30 am romainian ;( but am in the slavic country #2 known as poland
Anastasia Falcon
Anastasia Falcon - 12 päeva tagasi
"His accent doesn't sound like a Russian accent" aaah, classic
People will always be disappointed with your accent. Either your accent is "wrong", too strong or whatever. People get disappointed with the fact that my accent is very faint and doesn't seem Russian.
Vlad.B - 14 päeva tagasi
As a Romanian that rhyme made my entire Romanian class laugh
John Clark
John Clark - 15 päeva tagasi
I got an ad the second he played the second youtube video
Kate That'sallyouget
Kate That'sallyouget - 16 päeva tagasi
Multilingual Slavic edition is the accent of Boris, comes with a bottle of vodka
mArcH22 iS_nOt_a_rEal_daTE
mArcH22 iS_nOt_a_rEal_daTE - 17 päeva tagasi
*laughs in British*
Jeriel Baker
Jeriel Baker - 18 päeva tagasi
3:10 that is from my homeland Brazil! BLYAT THAT WAS SO DUMB LMAO! So much pressure that it went Chernobyl status. Glad you liked it. Salutations from Brazil!
Jman LPGuy
Jman LPGuy - 19 päeva tagasi
Anyone else wants that Rhyme as an actual song now? *hits hardbass*
Rafael Vitor
Rafael Vitor - 19 päeva tagasi
SO...the video from vadim and kvass is from my coutnry, Brazil, always funny tho.
Firestarterman - 20 päeva tagasi
LOL Croatian majoneze - Greetings from Croatia!
MiraiZeroYT - 20 päeva tagasi
Boris: *laugh*
Me: *somehow laugh*
GamesOfEpic - 20 päeva tagasi
blyat boris help i stole some mayonez and then accidentally joined the russian mafia help
LOL - 20 päeva tagasi
ok now the point is, idk why is everyone so on the debate of whether Boris is Slavic/Russian or not, actually nobody reli cares, he is still the Slav King we all know and love to watch
HighlightNyn - 21 päev tagasi
Im romanian so the vaccine thing is so....just....WTF
FinnishSniper295 - 22 päeva tagasi
Petition to make “Vadim Blyat” a series
Lucas Davis
Lucas Davis - 22 päeva tagasi
Boris is Ron from parks and rec. confirmed!
Clickerty Gaming
Clickerty Gaming - 23 päeva tagasi
6:12 W H E E Z E
nawa - 23 päeva tagasi
I start sharing like when I 3 years old
Ajix - 23 päeva tagasi
Never get tired of Boris making subtle dirty jokes like the "halfway in"
Hejjo Moto
Hejjo Moto - 23 päeva tagasi
Patchouli Knowledge
Patchouli Knowledge - 24 päeva tagasi
dood i found a guy from russian and she sound slav
Leo Zhou
Leo Zhou - 24 päeva tagasi
I just realized he has a gun in the background. Maybe an SVD?
Igor Wójtowicz
Igor Wójtowicz - 24 päeva tagasi
Your akcent is good and I am from poland KURBA MAC
PlaystationFanDude - 26 päeva tagasi
I agree like Russia, Philippine has tons of accents and languages too, Not gonna lie shit might blow up Jk. But in all honesty we learn english from the U.S during 1900's after the war and start of the second colonial era.
Nikola Kravic
Nikola Kravic - Місяць tagasi
I live in smederevo and it takes 59 minutes to FOCUS CYKA from my town
Davide Parise
Davide Parise - Місяць tagasi
I want a song like 1:60 blyaat
RB Adrian
RB Adrian - Місяць tagasi
if u romanian, then you know that the cure for Corona Virus is brandy(țuică)
Thunder Status Videos
Thunder Status Videos - Місяць tagasi
English: WTF
In our russian: what the Blyat
Unknown_User - Місяць tagasi
Chill Gamer
Chill Gamer - Місяць tagasi
BLYAT that reminds me of our old russian carpet that was thrown out because our babushkat got fleas all over it
Echt Youri
Echt Youri - Місяць tagasi
11:58 perfect