Mi 9 Durability Test! - Is the Camera Lens Sapphire?

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Xiaomi just released their flagship Mi 9 smartphone. A powerful colorful fairly priced device. But is the Mi 9 durable? The only way to find out is with a durability test. We will be scratching the 'sapphire glass' camera lens cover to find out if the sapphire is real or not. I also have a diamond selector tool to test the thermal conductivity of the gemstone like material.
Sapphire crystal is a super premium material. Its hardness level is right next to diamonds on the hardness scale. But when sapphire is not pure... it does not maintain the level of hardness that a pure form would. Sapphire should not start scratching until a level 8 or 9 on Mohs Scale of Hardness.
In depth review on Apples Sapphire: eecard.info/label/kd1syrSl245siq4/video.html
HTC Sapphire: eecard.info/label/sNuku7GHsqSundg/video.html
Kyocera Sapphire: eecard.info/label/qLN5zrNvnm2Zo64/video.html
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Charles Wiltshire
Charles Wiltshire - 2 päeva tagasi
Thanks dude for this hardcore test
Mohamed Arshad bin Mohamed Riyaz
Guessing this is the Chinese variant since the fonts are weird
vahid abadegan
vahid abadegan - 16 päeva tagasi
xiaomi redmi note 8 pro !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sucukluev GTO
Sucukluev GTO - 17 päeva tagasi
This Phone Is

Random Acc
Random Acc - 20 päeva tagasi
Hes destroying my dream phone 😭😭
My dick is incredibly tiny and I'm an idiot, but
I like Xiaomi phones but I will admit that this was a disappointment.
Golden Eagle
Golden Eagle - 22 päeva tagasi
"junk sapphire like apple" truth slap
PHR Hardcore
PHR Hardcore - 24 päeva tagasi
Redmi note 8
HOT _vaios
HOT _vaios - 24 päeva tagasi
One drop the camera glass brakes like the Samsung Galaxy s20... I'm mad for both of these phones 😤😠😡
Silentkiller Official
Silentkiller Official - 26 päeva tagasi
Or junk saphire like the apple
Cyb Elgwapo
Cyb Elgwapo - 26 päeva tagasi
Please make test on MI redmi note 8 pro. Thanks
jun Aoc
jun Aoc - 26 päeva tagasi
Mi 9 lite
Task master
Task master - 28 päeva tagasi
Manu Jain wants to know your location!!!
Amy Hopps
Amy Hopps - Місяць tagasi
Durability test Mi 10 please
varun panda
varun panda - Місяць tagasi
Zerry please test poco X2 . Am so excited for its bend test.
Pratibha Mishra
Pratibha Mishra - Місяць tagasi
Huawei P40 pro ,,,,
The Legend of Nissan GT-R
The Legend of Nissan GT-R - Місяць tagasi
Who's watching this from a mi9??
رضا کشاورز
رضا کشاورز - Місяць tagasi
drop it from 1 meter and make it wet!! lets find out how useful it is!
The MSI fanboy
The MSI fanboy - Місяць tagasi
Watch this video i feel like that knife are cutting to my heart
Mateysh Naidu
Mateysh Naidu - Місяць tagasi
can u make a teardown skin for it
ByCarLosOMG - Місяць tagasi
Do we have the teardown?
karaiKudi 360*
karaiKudi 360* - Місяць tagasi
Give me one mobile iam using only j1 ace
KCK'26 - 2 місяці tagasi
Please review the redmi note 9s
Простой Проект
Простой Проект - 2 місяці tagasi
ıllıllı Spider Man ıllıllı
ıllıllı Spider Man ıllıllı - 2 місяці tagasi
Glass is glass and... ohh wait
Legitskitgit - 2 місяці tagasi
We need to make netherite glass that's stronger than diamonds
Laned - 2 місяці tagasi
No no, the sentence is "glass is glass, and glass breaks"
Shadows - 2 місяці tagasi
tEst the a51
Christopher EM
Christopher EM - 2 місяці tagasi
Redmi note 8 ginko redmi note 8t
Chacoo Shroud
Chacoo Shroud - 2 місяці tagasi
For me Xiaomi is the best phone!🖤
And im using redmi note 7
MkwRa - Місяць tagasi
i am using the mi9 :D
Maddon Hobbs
Maddon Hobbs - 2 місяці tagasi
This phone reminds me of a Samsung galaxy a50
MkwRa - Місяць tagasi
this phone is a 2.5x more powerful A50
Technical 070
Technical 070 - 2 місяці tagasi
Saul Sánchez
Saul Sánchez - 2 місяці tagasi
Camera glass was the first thing to break at the FIRST drop it took
And now I don't know where to get an original replacement :(
semmi_x - 2 місяці tagasi
Try xiaomi note 10
Emmanuel's TV
Emmanuel's TV - 2 місяці tagasi
Try durability test oppo a9 2020
Santiago Jimenez
Santiago Jimenez - 2 місяці tagasi
Mi A3!!!! 😁
DESMONETIZAÇÃO - 2 місяці tagasi
Cadê os brasileiros manooo 🙋💖
A63NT AI9HA II - 2 місяці tagasi
For vivo v17 pro
The Legend of Nissan GT-R
The Legend of Nissan GT-R - 2 місяці tagasi
I do have that phone right now
عمر - omar
عمر - omar - 2 місяці tagasi
اين هاتف redmi not 8 pro من مراجعاتك
1995 impreza
1995 impreza - 2 місяці tagasi
almost looks like an a50
Sabahat Khan
Sabahat Khan - 2 місяці tagasi
Unsatisfied unboxing
NSK Sreevar Maddipati
NSK Sreevar Maddipati - 2 місяці tagasi
Can u do the the durability test for one plus x meclarane
Γιάννα - 2 місяці tagasi
Mi 9 is a great phone!!!!

Mi 9 user😉
Leito Leitoo
Leito Leitoo - 2 місяці tagasi
Mi mix alpha mi mix alpha......do it.....ddddddddoooooooo iiiiiiiiiittttttt
David Knows
David Knows - 2 місяці tagasi
People: does this phone have saphire over the cameras
Jerry: yes,but technically no
ADMIRALSNACKBAR - 3 місяці tagasi
Looks exactly like the galaxy a50
Risky Fauziah
Risky Fauziah - 3 місяці tagasi
Ngilu banget pas casingnya di kerik pake karter.
Ak47 - 3 місяці tagasi
u criminal what is this channel
FBI - 10 päeva tagasi
Well ain't you special
Егор Прянишников
Егор Прянишников - 3 місяці tagasi
Who watched in mi9
sasta youtuber
sasta youtuber - 3 місяці tagasi
Realme x2 pro
iiIDUOA7Bii - 3 місяці tagasi
Jerry:Tdoay we'll se if xiao mi is using real quality sapphire like HTC, Tissot, and kyocera, or if they using junk sapphire like apple"
me: I'd have to agree on that.. lol..
Estrellas - 3 місяці tagasi
Please make xiomi mi9t durability test.
Cronogeo - 2 місяці tagasi
9T and 9/9 Pro/9 SE have the same materials, the test is pointless
reuben labordo
reuben labordo - 3 місяці tagasi
Wuawei nova 5t torndown please
wilsen twins
wilsen twins - 3 місяці tagasi
Why no mi 9 teardown? 🙏🏻
Debeli Pingvin
Debeli Pingvin - 3 місяці tagasi
This is the copy of Samsung A50
ŔQ Érbesep
ŔQ Érbesep - 3 місяці tagasi
Next. Mi note 10 pro., sir jerry :) show as the specs inside the mi note 10 pro and disability test. Thank you
Thiago Haag
Thiago Haag - 3 місяці tagasi
That’s the meaning of agony!
yourlilemogirl - 3 місяці tagasi
My husband got me a Redmi note 8 as an upgrade from my dying iPhone 8+. I'm so lost on Droid after being apple for about 15 years or so. Big oof, but the phone is pretty ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
David Gomez
David Gomez - 3 місяці tagasi
Claramente jamás sometería a mi teléfono a esas pruebas así que puedo estar tranquilo por su durabilidad.
Skingott - 3 місяці tagasi
Anyone else getting goosebumps when he runs his knife down the side of the phone?
Skingott - 3 місяці tagasi
@Arpi K. Why cant he just mute it
Arpi K.
Arpi K. - 3 місяці tagasi
Yes, but not the good kind of goosebumps :D
giovabuns YT
giovabuns YT - 3 місяці tagasi
I hate that sound 1:54
Giannis Dravis
Giannis Dravis - 3 місяці tagasi
1:27 is the most important part of the review.
Gabriele Trentin
Gabriele Trentin - 3 місяці tagasi
Mi note 10
Mohan Kumar
Mohan Kumar - 3 місяці tagasi
If u have more phone geave me one please😫🙏🙏💓 dond waste I need a phone please give
Muthu Krishnan
Muthu Krishnan - 3 місяці tagasi
Plc test in redmi note 8 pro
Mark Gomugda
Mark Gomugda - 3 місяці tagasi
Pls do redmi note 8
Tillzzz *_*
Tillzzz *_* - 3 місяці tagasi
I am literally texting with my new xoiami mi 9 right now and I can tell u it's a good phone
Wimpy's Android Games'n ferrets
Wimpy's Android Games'n ferrets - 3 місяці tagasi
Why does he destroy every smartphone completely?he could at least when the bend test doesn't destroy the phone give them away for people who need a phone but have no money....
Nick 4K
Nick 4K - 3 місяці tagasi
Company:We added a saphi...
Jerry rig everything: Today we are testing a new phone that claims to halve sapphire..
Oriana Sarai Rangel Mora
Oriana Sarai Rangel Mora - 3 місяці tagasi
Can you please do the xiaomi redmi note 8 pro??
majid kian
majid kian - 3 місяці tagasi
not a fan of sapphire
Niki Nikolov
Niki Nikolov - 3 місяці tagasi
0:01 the xiaomi mi 6 😂😂
El Grizzly
El Grizzly - 3 місяці tagasi
I have the Mi9 and the things you have done hurts.😱😖
edanur Garip
edanur Garip - 3 місяці tagasi
Heloov taksinmm jxnxndnd
Levitating Beast
Levitating Beast - 3 місяці tagasi
It's the predecessor of the Samsung Galaxy A50.
Arpan Pramanik
Arpan Pramanik - 3 місяці tagasi
Teardown of redmi note 8 pro
Nova Vector
Nova Vector - 3 місяці tagasi
I dont hate apple but for sell something not to much for almost 500 dollar???😂😂😂 a im a joke to you???
Gisela Martínez
Gisela Martínez - 3 місяці tagasi
Jerry, Xiaomi mí A3, please!!!!
XaXa - 3 місяці tagasi
".. or junk sapphire, like iPhones"
Me: 😂