How To Edit a Video

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Today I show you how to edit a video. My videos require a LOT of editing, so I thought i'd give you a look behind the scenes to see the whole process from start to finish. It may look difficult, but it isn't. In a few short days you can go from being a beginner to an expert. Simply follow the step by step instructions.
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HowToBasic - 6 päeva tagasi
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The Devil Himself
The Devil Himself - Päev tagasi
Wideo Wideo
Wideo Wideo - Päev tagasi
Dont do it to me
SomeRedHairedKid - Päev tagasi
Thanks sooo much how to basic 😝now i can properly edit my vids but i still dont know why my mom and dad are mad at me?
Deja Owens
Deja Owens - Päev tagasi
The M&M'S keyboard
The M&M'S keyboard - Päev tagasi
How u brek dis MacBook Pro?
Conundroy - 21 tund tagasi
My dude's gotten fat.
Isaias ponce
Isaias ponce - 22 tundi tagasi
lmaooo im dead he know hp is that cheap shit
flowerbeat _
flowerbeat _ - 22 tundi tagasi
Directions unclear weiner Frozen
SCORPION GAMING - 22 tundi tagasi
Bro I just used this to edit my video thank u
Xxx worthless xxX
Xxx worthless xxX - 22 tundi tagasi
I can edit video in powerdirector not like so expensive like that
Matiac82 - 22 tundi tagasi
安君Mine - 22 tundi tagasi
Super VauceS
Super VauceS - 22 tundi tagasi
Idk if this is your sense of humour. But it’s clearly not mine.
Dream Walker
Dream Walker - 22 tundi tagasi
@Super VauceS I can imagine
Super VauceS
Super VauceS - 22 tundi tagasi
Dream Walker lol in Vietnam we also have a channel like this. Mostly kids watch and you know how bad it influences them.
Dream Walker
Dream Walker - 22 tundi tagasi
It wasn't mine at first either.
Dream Walker
Dream Walker - 22 tundi tagasi
HowtoBasic: Just follow these step by step tutorials...
Everyone: We all know it's not THAT easy
Ddingthechamp - 22 tundi tagasi
*Sigh* looks great so far...
Bruh lol
My POV: This guy is a fucking psycho.
Fxnzi - 22 tundi tagasi
Of course! what else would you do with a macbook
Thomas Kusno
Thomas Kusno - 22 tundi tagasi
He destroys the laptop but dossnt even make it pass the 10 mins mark
Mr ditkovich
Mr ditkovich - 22 tundi tagasi
i wonder how much eggs he has thrown in his entire youtube career
Dream Walker
Dream Walker - 22 tundi tagasi
your boi steve
your boi steve - 22 tundi tagasi
Found this very useful thanks
I'll consider adding more eggs next time😃
Phoenix - 23 tundi tagasi
903 37
903 37 - 23 tundi tagasi
And yet, the camera survived the fire
903 37
903 37 - 23 tundi tagasi
Man, the day the iMac got executed
Paul外人 - 23 tundi tagasi
The point of the video was that Macbook turning into an HP at that precise moment
Hon Wen Xuan
Hon Wen Xuan - 23 tundi tagasi
When the video appears camera and laptop, i was like: oh shit
Me Vlog
Me Vlog - 23 tundi tagasi
Joshwayop - 23 tundi tagasi
i think the laptop still works 😂
Flat Mars Society
Flat Mars Society - 23 tundi tagasi
This is satisfying and painful at the same time
Kosmas Nagara
Kosmas Nagara - 23 tundi tagasi
Steve Jobs say good myfriend
FarOutFeatures - 23 tundi tagasi
Eat your cereal
Felipe Menezes
Felipe Menezes - 23 tundi tagasi
E1z Genysis
E1z Genysis - Päev tagasi
Rip HP laptop
TheWildWoody - Päev tagasi
Ahhh, that’s why it take maxmoefoe so long to upload
Progamer E
Progamer E - Päev tagasi
Gun powder
And mostly
Sai Saikumar
Sai Saikumar - Päev tagasi
Progamer E
Progamer E - Päev tagasi
This made me epiccc editor
Guilherme Golin
Guilherme Golin - Päev tagasi
buy a car and destroy
fatbastard708 - Päev tagasi
BosTovenaar24 - Päev tagasi
I love watching apple products get what they deserve. Thanks...
Johnny Plus abdullah
Johnny Plus abdullah - Päev tagasi
ItsGodly - Päev tagasi
1:19 it's HP laptop,.. so don't worry people.. it's not apple
theRaptorREX - Päev tagasi
I thought my mental heath was bad
Ryan Cook
Ryan Cook - Päev tagasi
Is there an asmr for these
Ethan Wallick
Ethan Wallick - Päev tagasi
I only learn how to edit from the best of the best
Chris James
Chris James - Päev tagasi
I actually made a video doing this
Nitro Bot
Nitro Bot - Päev tagasi
How do you even live??
Hndy D X l
Hndy D X l - Päev tagasi
This is stupid , but i like it😂😂😂😂
NeoXi i
NeoXi i - Päev tagasi
Can’t imagine how much anxiety were put into these videos.
deqnq - Päev tagasi
"NOOOOOOOO" - Male07 "Mike"
Jacob burdak
Jacob burdak - Päev tagasi
Man i still remember watching one of his videos the first time... i was like wtf is this 😭😂
Jacob burdak
Jacob burdak - Päev tagasi
People in Africa could have ate that laptop 😭
Fuzzy Waffle
Fuzzy Waffle - Päev tagasi
If HowToBasic has a pet chicken, how long would it last?
Juanchi Molina
Juanchi Molina - Päev tagasi
antonin moisan
antonin moisan - Päev tagasi
I would have taken that laptop
Wideo Wideo
Wideo Wideo - Päev tagasi
*You cannot edit me*
Z4 PRO - Päev tagasi
*Me sees the laptop*
Also me: RIP laptop
poopy peeper
poopy peeper - Päev tagasi
he needs funds for all the resources he’s destroyed, that or cleaning supplies
Adit Rahman
Adit Rahman - Päev tagasi
Is the laptop work
John61910 GR
John61910 GR - Päev tagasi
You broke your hp laptp not apple
Brandon Tran
Brandon Tran - Päev tagasi
Thats how editing works
Fox Trot
Fox Trot - Päev tagasi
when money will you have to break an iMac and how much will you spend on making your vi
TS Endermike 84
TS Endermike 84 - Päev tagasi
Me: why do you do this things?
How to basic: and why not?
Victor Normand
Victor Normand - Päev tagasi
I tried but it didn’t work
Emil Thallinger
Emil Thallinger - Päev tagasi
How to Basic's mom: Where're the eggs??
How to Basic: I dont know😬
Comic Sans
Comic Sans - Päev tagasi
Per me tu hai troppi soldi