The Real Story of Paris Hilton | This Is Paris Official Documentary

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We thought we knew Paris Hilton. We were wrong. This is the untold true story that shaped the woman, and the iconic character she created. Stream it free September 14 with ads on EEcard or sign up for EEcard Premium to watch the Extended cut. Learn more at: Check out EEcard Premium at: eecard.infoorigi... See if Premium is available in your country at:
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JJ GG - Minut tagasi
Did anyone else notice that when she was talking about traumatic events or uncomfortable memories she would slip back into her “character” voice, it truly does seems like a coping mechanism she has created to differentiate herself from her past
Where are the avocados
Where are the avocados - 2 minutit tagasi
She's still look 20
Tracey Lloyd
Tracey Lloyd - 3 minutit tagasi
I have always thought you were an amazing woman, so ahead of your time, you are so brave and courageous to tell us your story , I really hope it brings you peace and happiness- sent with much respect and love Tracey- UK
Katy Kitty
Katy Kitty - 4 minutit tagasi
Ugh I'm tearing up the ending with the song was perfect
Sudeshna Hazra
Sudeshna Hazra - 5 minutit tagasi
take care of yourself ...self love is important....n self love is not = selfishness..... be kind to yourself ......
Flo Zero
Flo Zero - 6 minutit tagasi
She was always interesting for me, but now I like her much more!
Pint - 6 minutit tagasi
Now I have a totaly different picture of her. She is really amazing and strong. Just WOW!
Saranne Huxton
Saranne Huxton - 8 minutit tagasi
Ok I’m 24 minutes in... Is anyone else going to talk about 24.40 when the Paris Hilton fan fully steps infront of Kim Kardashian to get in a photo with Paris, one of the best things I’ve seen 😂
Pau Villarino
Pau Villarino - 8 minutit tagasi
We love you paris!!!!!!!!! Sosomuch!!!!😭❤️
Pau Villarino
Pau Villarino - 8 minutit tagasi
Strong queen!!!
Odi Lon
Odi Lon - 11 minutit tagasi
It's scary how I comprehend when she admits to consciously "not let anyone in". And the years of hiding behind this mask of perfection simply validated how I knew from Day 1 that Paris was smart woman to do that. She played the world, and now the joke's on us. What a revelation this documentary is! Brava!
hannahhaircut - 12 minutit tagasi
Quite possibly the best documentary I’ve watched in a long time! Hooked from the start. ❤️
Pria Khairul
Pria Khairul - 12 minutit tagasi
Wow, Paris Hilton literally crawled so that Kim Kardashian could fly...

I didn't ANYTHING about all of this and I am soo glad to have clicked on this video.
this truly proves no amount of money and fame prevents you from experiencing trauma...
Sara Vaedi Nasek
Sara Vaedi Nasek - 13 minutit tagasi
I suffer from the same pain, I feel you, I've always had
Lisa Maree
Lisa Maree - 14 minutit tagasi
pey pey
pey pey - 15 minutit tagasi
I love paris as i can remember
Siriusly, GinnyChase
Siriusly, GinnyChase - 15 minutit tagasi
the way she runs
Fae Laura
Fae Laura - 16 minutit tagasi
The school that kidnapped her and others were not curing troubled teens they were creating troubled teens, if a child of any age acts out in such a way it is because they are going through something I feel so bad for her
Elly - 16 minutit tagasi
Omg this made me cry all the way through, I'm sorry you went through all that, looking back at how things in the media were handled towards a young girl really disgusts me and I wanna punch them all lol. Thank you for sharing this with us 🥰 and I hope that you're doing a lot better mentally and surrounding yourself with zen and positive genuine people 💖💖
Danielle Cheyenne
Danielle Cheyenne - 17 minutit tagasi
This video was extremely triggering.
Michelle Sharples
Michelle Sharples - 17 minutit tagasi
I am glad Paris came out, she is so iconic!! I can't believe what her parents did to her!! She is so strong and deserves really love!
simplechicful - 17 minutit tagasi
So they were like in a cult at that "school."
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv - 19 minutit tagasi
I hope those places get completely exposed and get shut down.
Belle Marfori
Belle Marfori - 20 minutit tagasi
I've first heard of her name back in 2001, when I saw a picture of Paris and her sister in a magazine. I've been a fan of her ever since. I could still remember seeing her picture in 2003 in a mall and I told my friend that I'm a fan of her. And my friend didn't know who she was. 😊 I'm from Asia. Love you, Paris. Stay strong. ❤
Alessandra Griffitt
Alessandra Griffitt - 21 minut tagasi
Wow! Just wow! What a powerful message! I’m so glad I watched this. I always admired Paris’ business acumen, but now I’m officially a fan! Shine bright, Paris!
Nicole - 21 minut tagasi
Wow, I wasn't going to watch this. But here i am, 1 hour 45 minutes, 11 seconds later, and i watched every second. This was amazing, and completely unexpected.
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv - 18 minutit tagasi
again, and have life-giving relationships.
Andini Overfield
Andini Overfield - 21 minut tagasi
As a mum myself, I cant imagine sending my beloved kids to some kind of school by force (snached while sleeping) my heart breaks for Paris. I have so much more respect and admiration for this pretty smart women who just playing dumb girls sometimes, just so she doesnt have to deal with her past trauma:((( I love you Paris, hope you find peace within you now, you deserve happiness
Manuela Franov
Manuela Franov - 22 minutit tagasi
I'm so happy for you! You are very very strong!
Marcela Svirbelova Kuziakova
Marcela Svirbelova Kuziakova - 24 minutit tagasi
Sad story,I wish you just simple life,you deserve real happiness, simplicity,hugs and be yourself no matter what,you have choises 🍀🌷🍀
tauni lorraine
tauni lorraine - 25 minutit tagasi
jenny from gossip girls seems inspired by paris
Chris Lorch
Chris Lorch - 26 minutit tagasi
Her parents sold her.
Preacher Boys
Preacher Boys - 26 minutit tagasi
Absolutely amazing doc. A must watch. Thanks for shedding light on this dreadful abuse.
Hazema Adattini
Hazema Adattini - 26 minutit tagasi
She has sumthing to say we need to know and she will say it I am waiting
joselito don
joselito don - 28 minutit tagasi
you're a beautiful person and your whole family. Pls take care of yourself and stay positive always.
M. Caneda
M. Caneda - 29 minutit tagasi
So if you like animals and golf, you are "a boy at heart"?
OK Nicky
Maria Jimena Villarán Etchebaster
Mujer resiliente. Nacimos el mismo día . LOVE
Rui Rui
Rui Rui - 30 minutit tagasi
Milly SA
Milly SA - 30 minutit tagasi
The end: so court cases on the AGENDA? OR just another publicity stunt ?!
The only thing Im sad abt and can't get my head around is her parents having her literally kidnapped, ?! Who does that🤯
#savethechildren ..let's see
Prenisha Naicker
Prenisha Naicker - 33 minutit tagasi
You are so brave and strong, thanks for sharing your story. I hope your story inspires others to tell theirs.
Cassandra VanDuyn
Cassandra VanDuyn - 35 minutit tagasi
LOL the girl that snubbed Kim K for a pic with Paris, that's kind of hilarious 🤣