A24 | They Put Out Good Stuff

I take a look at the studio that's been making waves in the indie film scene: A24!
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"Too Cool" and "Americana" by Kevin MacLeod
"Hippety Hop" by Alexander Nakaranda
"Still Can't See" by Rob Belfiore
"Anamelie" by Kevin Macleod
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Omelette Au Fromage
Omelette Au Fromage - 28 päeva tagasi
i love your joke but isnt it too much ? Get to the point dudeee
james bond
james bond - Місяць tagasi
Great video u deserve more subs
Suburban White Dad
Suburban White Dad - Місяць tagasi
A24 makes films for people who aren’t pussies.
Mr. B
Mr. B - Місяць tagasi
Great video man
Jordan Strait
Jordan Strait - 2 місяці tagasi
Like #666. Hail yourself
Vic W
Vic W - 2 місяці tagasi
Wait that pie scene in A Ghost Story was 8 MINUTES?! It did NOT seem like it. Man that was a good movie. I frickin LOVE A24. You always know that you don't know what's coming and I LOVE IT.
Tieyara Jones
Tieyara Jones - 2 місяці tagasi
A24 is killing it right now!
AKAJK - 2 місяці tagasi
Really well made video! I love A24 as well. They had a really great run in 2019
AKAJK - 2 місяці tagasi
Payton Swan The Last Black Man in SF was a great a24 release as well. And I’m pretty sure they also did The Farewell
AKAJK - 2 місяці tagasi
Payton Swan wasn’t a fan of midsommar but the other 2 were great.
Payton Swan
Payton Swan - 2 місяці tagasi
Thank you! And 100% agreed! The lighthouse, midsommer, and uncut gems were all incredible!!
Ramieverse !
Ramieverse ! - 2 місяці tagasi
Why the lack of uploads, Payton? Dont give up
Payton Swan
Payton Swan - 2 місяці tagasi
Hey thanks for this! I definitely have been slacking and life's gotten in the way a bit. But I definitely have plans/have future vids in the works! Sorry it's been taking me so long!!
Dwight Taylor
Dwight Taylor - 2 місяці tagasi
Preach on brother
EmilyVonSpears - 2 місяці tagasi
Blumhouse has some good movies sometimes. I also really like Troma and especially A24. 👌
dank stank
dank stank - 3 місяці tagasi
He threw my boy Jakey on the tinder scroll
Payton Swan
Payton Swan - 3 місяці tagasi
My only regret is swiping left 😭
YOGA SUNDARAM - 3 місяці tagasi
Do a review on Euphoria TV series. where A24 is involved.
YOGA SUNDARAM - 3 місяці tagasi
I belong to the top 200 subscriber.
Remember me when you reach the heights of YouTube.. 😂😅❤️👍
YOGA SUNDARAM - 3 місяці tagasi
All the best bro,I rarely comment on videos once in a bluest blue moon you deserve it.
Kxrrin - 3 місяці tagasi
Btw I loved this video dude
Kxrrin - 3 місяці tagasi
A24 is the source of my love for indie movies
GreatJobTy - 4 місяці tagasi
It’s like I had these thoughts, and I knew others did too, but to see you spell it out in this vid. Bravo. Bravo hard
Klyzm - 4 місяці tagasi
i like this
Salty Player
Salty Player - 4 місяці tagasi
What movie is that at 4:16 - 4:17?
j m
j m - 7 місяців tagasi
I love A24, the film i like from them is Hereditary
TooManyDoc - 7 місяців tagasi
And this is why "I am born in the right generation."
Spo N
Spo N - 8 місяців tagasi
You can’t just shrug or miramax tho
kevin u
kevin u - 8 місяців tagasi
I'm really liking A24. They are putting out the most original movies today! I've enjoyed every A24 picture I've seen so far!
Reynolds Reels
Reynolds Reels - 9 місяців tagasi
Good video.
buggiebuild1 - 9 місяців tagasi
I agree, I've been noticing more and more on my Netflix I have not seen a bad movie from them yet, which says a lot because I am an absolute film buff, big Hollywood films don't always do it 4 me,so far a 24 has,ex machina was bad ass, I did not see ending coming, smacked me right in the face LOL don't want to ruin it, keep up the good work
4H - 11 місяців tagasi
that nakeyjakey cameo tho
M Sonny Chaudhry
M Sonny Chaudhry - Aasta tagasi
I absolutely love this studio. Putting out all that amazing original work.
trelosgatos - Aasta tagasi
Thea Schwarcz
Thea Schwarcz - Aasta tagasi
hell yeah!
7D7 PRODUCTION S - Aasta tagasi
I like ur vids a lot, please upload more
audrey feist
audrey feist - Aasta tagasi
I feel the same way!!! A24 are 100% the best in the game today.
Dragon King Acnologia
Dragon King Acnologia - Aasta tagasi
Good video man you should keep uploading
This Guy
This Guy - Aasta tagasi
@Payton Swan awesome! I'm subbing
Payton Swan
Payton Swan - Aasta tagasi
Thanks! I have a new one in the works!
Iam Notarobot
Iam Notarobot - Aasta tagasi
Except I have heard people say that there pumped for a new marvel movie. Everyone says that.
sabrinasjourney - 3 місяці tagasi
But no one admits its a letdown once they've seen it
Dani _9539
Dani _9539 - Aasta tagasi
The more I look into A24, the more I want to work for them
Andrés Perez
Andrés Perez - Aasta tagasi
If you looked up A24, then you’re already doing great things! I hope to write a movie one day! Studios like this are what make Writers happy to be creative again!
Dani _9539
Dani _9539 - Місяць tagasi
Same same! Their artistic films make me want to start writing and possibly direct even
Kxrrin - 3 місяці tagasi
Andrés Perez
Andrés Perez - Aasta tagasi
Josee - Aasta tagasi
This video wanna makes me wanna see that movie about Paul dano and dead Harry Potter
EMERALD Features
EMERALD Features - Aasta tagasi
The Dramatic Phrase For Killing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2q8IjwgNCI
Beau: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zzU6zW9G8BA
Father - Aasta tagasi
Dam, this review could have my virginity 💙 . New sub!
Travis Firestine
Travis Firestine - Aasta tagasi
Gotta say I loved that extremely long pie eating scene.. unfortunately my parents did not lmao
Chance Sanders
Chance Sanders - 12 päeva tagasi
Cringey Chris thx G
Cringey Chris
Cringey Chris - 12 päeva tagasi
@Chance Sanders A Ghost Story
Chance Sanders
Chance Sanders - 19 päeva tagasi
Travis Firestine what movie was it? Going through all the A24 movies and haven’t gotten to that one yet
Rebel King
Rebel King - Aasta tagasi
Hereditary Green room swiss army man First Reformed a prayer before dwan
Billie Cunningham
Billie Cunningham - Aasta tagasi
I love this video, man your editing is so smart. I agree with everything you said. A24 is amazing
Billie Cunningham
Billie Cunningham - Aasta tagasi
Payton Swan You’re welcome keep it up
Payton Swan
Payton Swan - Aasta tagasi
Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!
Uriel Cinema
Uriel Cinema - Aasta tagasi
You got youtube talent my guy, and you deserve way more subs! About A24 tho, I just hope they dont follow the miramax route and let their successes turn them into a regular big studio
Film needs an A24
Mr Nobody
Mr Nobody - Aasta tagasi
Again good video
Payton Swan
Payton Swan - Aasta tagasi
Yarkın Coşkun thanks again!
Nostalgic Ruckus
Nostalgic Ruckus - Aasta tagasi
Randomly stumbled on this. I love A24's stuff. Great vid.
Payton Swan
Payton Swan - Aasta tagasi
Nostalgic Ruckus My favorite way of finding a video! Thanks!
Kasey Barkle
Kasey Barkle - Aasta tagasi
I wish more people saw this video. My search was just for “A24 good great awesome best”. I’m glad someone’s giving them well deserved kudos. Good video. Good to learn a little more about them
Payton Swan
Payton Swan - Aasta tagasi
Thanks! I'm glad you found it!
Joseph Sivits
Joseph Sivits - Aasta tagasi
A24 is such a good film studio. Big inspo
I’m Weird
I’m Weird - Aasta tagasi
Hereditary was fantastic
Payton Swan
Payton Swan - Aasta tagasi
Psycho Xd Hell yeah it was!
ASMR FredBread
ASMR FredBread - Aasta tagasi
I just checked out your channel , this video is amazing and I see what you did there with nakeyjakey lol
ASMR FredBread
ASMR FredBread - Aasta tagasi
Payton Swan DOG BLESS
Payton Swan
Payton Swan - Aasta tagasi
ASMR FredBread haha thanks! I was hoping someone would notice that!
Daniel St. Ours
Daniel St. Ours - Aasta tagasi
nice video! completely agree with you :)
Penn Crum
Penn Crum - Aasta tagasi
Wow you randomly came up in my recommended but got yourself a new subscriber, great voice in writing and comedy. Also the person you're describing is me, I want to see Rooney Mara eat a pie for 8 straight minutes, if they made it 20 minutes I wouldn't be complaining.
Payton Swan
Payton Swan - Aasta tagasi
Penn Crum Haha thanks, glad you gave the video a chance! And I really do unironically love that scene!
Cobi W.S. Powell
Cobi W.S. Powell - Aasta tagasi
My man called 'Moonlight' oscar bait ahahaha
dont forget to logout
dont forget to logout - Aasta tagasi
great vid from a small channel. keep it up.
fabio. santos chavez
fabio. santos chavez - Aasta tagasi
I love their movies with all my heart.
Asa King
Asa King - Aasta tagasi
A24 is without a doubt the BEST film studio today. They prove that you don’t need a huge budget to make an entertaining movie.
amit sharma
amit sharma - Місяць tagasi
It an Indie Studio
saket adarsh
saket adarsh - 2 місяці tagasi
Warner bros and neon>
Dani _9539
Dani _9539 - Aasta tagasi
Hdog Hillyer I would love for that to happen but at the same time I'm afraid that if they get in the mainstream they'll lose what makes them great and start producing bad films
Hdog Hillyer
Hdog Hillyer - Aasta tagasi
Asa King I hope they start releasing more mainstream films that are creative and original that make the top ten of the box office. I argue that they can be the next Orion if they have the financial support they need. Their creative team is excellent.
Payton Swan
Payton Swan - Aasta tagasi
L C While they mostly distribute, they did partly produce Moonlight with Plan B, so I think it's fair to refer to them as a studio!
Zoe L
Zoe L - Aasta tagasi
found this on video essay subreddit. cool video, hope to see more.
Payton Swan
Payton Swan - Aasta tagasi
Zoe Lawrence Thanks! And there will be more to come!
owslajosh - Aasta tagasi
New subscriber! A24 is killing right now. Favorite films from them are Green Room, The Witch, Killing of a Sacred Deer, Blackcoat’s Daughter, A Ghost Story, Ex Machina and Under the Skin. Hereditary looks like a modern horror classic too!
Payton Swan
Payton Swan - Aasta tagasi
owslajosh Hey appreciate it! And great list! I still need to check out Blackcoat's Daughter. And I cannot wait for Hereditary! No one is doing horror quite like A24!