How PlayStation and Xbox Name Their Consoles

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A lot of science, expertise, and genius go into every single console name.
Well... okay maybe not into every one.
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Film ja animatsioon
Kestus: 02:16


CircleToonsHD - 4 päeva tagasi
Honestly, I had so much fun making this stupid cartoon and was chuckling the whole time while editing it, so I hope you enjoyed it as well!
star gamer
star gamer - 23 minutit tagasi
hello CircleToonsHD !! I am Brazilian and I would like to ask you to re-translate your animations to Brazilian Portuguese. someone else does this but I wanted to show my version.
demonic - 18 tundi tagasi
What about the ps4 pro and the ps4 slim?
JmTrad - 23 tundi tagasi
Microsoft only came with Xbox 360 because Xbox 2 sounds inferior to Playstation 3.
Risky MLG Ricky
Risky MLG Ricky - Päev tagasi
Where Nintendo
CaneSaw - Päev tagasi
Yo my man where the xbox one s all digital at
star gamer
star gamer - 24 minutit tagasi
hello CircleToonsHD !! I am Brazilian and I would like to ask you to re-translate your animations to Brazilian Portuguese. someone else does this but I wanted to show my version.
Berry Bartholomew Benson
Berry Bartholomew Benson - 47 minutit tagasi
screenrecorder: *exists*
Circle Toons: _le no_
Comet the demon wolf Gaming
I actually own a Xbox 360 e
MarcomanIs_mlg - Tund tagasi
what if they continued to make consoles centuries from now and they release a console called the literal xbox 360 which is the 360th console
Amari Spearman
Amari Spearman - Tund tagasi
i wonder if the movie cars was a harder name to come up with then playstation 1 2 3 4 5
CêJota - Tund tagasi
OHHHHH, so you put the BLUE game piece of plastic before GREEN ONE on the title, get C A N C E L L E D
Gorem - Tund tagasi
"And I love that I had to pay 14k" hahaha xD Oh man what a release Ps5 has had
Sean Miguel
Sean Miguel - Tund tagasi
I got a PS5 ad while watching this
Shane Donoghue
Shane Donoghue - Tund tagasi
Imagine having a lisp and trying to pronounce Xbox Series X
xXgetrektboiXx - 2 tundi tagasi
What about the PSP? the PS Nintendo thing?
fukutada - 2 tundi tagasi
I hate this. (not you, you're fine)
How does this get 1M views?
Great Vaule Doritos _
Great Vaule Doritos _ - 2 tundi tagasi
playstaion just told me how count thanks PlayStation
Ali Hijazi
Ali Hijazi - 2 tundi tagasi
what do you preferer Xbox or Playstation?
Eoin Schell
Eoin Schell - 2 tundi tagasi
That wacky wavy plastic must be what is halting all that production
C o w
C o w - 2 tundi tagasi
Does that mean there’s gonna be a PlayStation 360?
Roy1290 - 3 tundi tagasi
At least Playstation manages to not confuse parents while buying a console.
I see Dead snakes
I see Dead snakes - 3 tundi tagasi
ps5 pro*
Darkhood 05
Darkhood 05 - 3 tundi tagasi
Hello people from the future that got this recommended 10 years from now
Weep Gaming
Weep Gaming - 3 tundi tagasi
GoodGuyLuis - 3 tundi tagasi
I was expecting a toddler or something like that wich just learned how to count
guillermo contreras
guillermo contreras - 3 tundi tagasi
Ps one ps one slim psx ps2 fat ps2 slim ps3 ps3 slim ps3 super slim ps4 fat ps4 slim ps4 pro ps5 and ps5 digital... So yeah pretty much the same
a veggie
a veggie - 3 tundi tagasi
your art and voice sounds like circletoonshd
Fango - 3 tundi tagasi
The Xbox naming really isn’t as complicated as people think.
the multi Tasker
the multi Tasker - 3 tundi tagasi
This dude is so funny and also why did you name your 5th consel x box 1
Bowso - 3 tundi tagasi
Hey... isn’t it kinda strange I thought of the next PlayStation name before “Todd or Tyler or something”? Am.. Am I some sort of genius?
shadowsRZ - 3 tundi tagasi
You forgot one Xbox

Xbox series X fridge
FXVI - 3 tundi tagasi
The Xbox names really do confuse me and I mix everything from the one X and above up all the time
Louis Williams
Louis Williams - 3 tundi tagasi
you should make a revisit to your destiny video because it’s gotten so much better
Robert Johnson Fox
Robert Johnson Fox - 3 tundi tagasi
Dude the 360 E is awesome, best 360 imo
L.R. Bushido
L.R. Bushido - 4 tundi tagasi
Nintendo how do you come up with names?
Nintendo: we like to "switch" things up
Nerdatron - 4 tundi tagasi
In the distant future, introducing the Playstation 78 and the Xbox ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ
Lachlan Kincaid
Lachlan Kincaid - 4 tundi tagasi
Where’s the PSP and vita bruh
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv - 4 tundi tagasi
i love how he records it on a go pro but not on screen but acting like its normal
PrimePikachu - 4 tundi tagasi
Just gonna ignore ps2 slim ultra and ps3 phat ps3 slim and ps3 now by mattel ok. Ok. Ok. (Whips out PSX) and we just going to ignore my baby boy too
PrimePikachu - 4 tundi tagasi
I also forgot the PS One.
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv - 4 tundi tagasi
U make so good videos i cant even like them because i want to watch another
Felix - 4 tundi tagasi
i dont think the next PS is named PS6, a PS5pro or something is more realistik
Darth yee
Darth yee - 4 tundi tagasi
Dinis Fernandes
Dinis Fernandes - 4 tundi tagasi
I... Need... BLOOPERS
Dragon Games
Dragon Games - 4 tundi tagasi
I was laughing throughout the whole video i think I burned my lungs while watching this xD
Great job.
Nay Os
Nay Os - 4 tundi tagasi
No one asked for this or will see BUT lemme attempt some of Xbox logic (i am not a fan i wii baby with a switch uwu)
Xbox 360 (360 no scope/to turn full circle and improve radically)
Xbox 360 S (Highest grade? Rank S)
Xbox 360 E (Another full circle turn so therefore the opposite of Rank S is Rank E[think racing games lmao])
Xbox One (Xbox one? More like Xbox WON amirite?? :D)
Xbox One S (Rank S)
Xbox One X (X for the X button which is normally to attack or jump and it looks cool[Also makes a tiny bit more sense than E])
Xbox Series X (They now have enough consoles for a; you guessed it!; Series)
Xbox Series S (Inverse but yet again rank S)
Deconverted Man
Deconverted Man - 4 tundi tagasi
Now do Nintedo. :D
Fist-Meister-Mas - 4 tundi tagasi
At least Sony isn't casting spells every time you say the name of their consoles.
The amazing dotdotdot Gaming Channel
1:08 after hearing all that I'm pretty sure it's his first time on the job
destroy0 - 5 tundi tagasi
you forgot the play station portable
John M
John M - 5 tundi tagasi
I can't stand convoluted naming conventions for products. Pick something and stick with it please...
The Prussian Bird
The Prussian Bird - 5 tundi tagasi
I swear it’s like the cameraman is being choked to death while filming this
It's Eri
It's Eri - 5 tundi tagasi
I died when you said PlayStation only made 7
Master Chef
Master Chef - 5 tundi tagasi
Why is it called Xbox One? Please make me leave
ownerfate - 5 tundi tagasi
Xbox X,
Xbox XI,
Xbox XII,
Xbox XIII ...
skeleton boy DA BEST
skeleton boy DA BEST - 5 tundi tagasi
When do you make a rpg
Nuutti kivimaa
Nuutti kivimaa - 5 tundi tagasi
U make so good videos i cant even like them because i want to watch another
Xarii - 5 tundi tagasi
Person that came with the xbox names were either:
Couldnt count
too lazy ans just thought of something at the top of his head
Nevar Valor
Nevar Valor - 5 tundi tagasi
My xbox naming theory :
Marketing team -
Vs PS2 : Xbox yeah that's a cool name.
Vs PS3 : damnit we can't call it Xbox 2 we sound inferior. that's it! We'll call it 360 that'll show them.
Xbox 360 onward : a fucking mess
BaumHater - 5 tundi tagasi
Meanwhile at Nintendo...
Weaponized_vlogs - 5 tundi tagasi
Lmao, amazing
Nintendo: guy with last or second name nintendo
ET_Relic - 6 tundi tagasi
am i the only human with the 360 E??
Jeremy Video
Jeremy Video - 6 tundi tagasi
Ummmmmmm Nintendo anyone
DrD0000M - 6 tundi tagasi
Master system, Megadrive, Genesis, Saturn, SEGA.
Mr. Burga
Mr. Burga - 6 tundi tagasi
Nintendo: Fools
ShallowShi - 6 tundi tagasi
Meanwhile over at Nintendo...
Max Sroka
Max Sroka - 6 tundi tagasi
I have the Xbox 360 e
britannic124 - 6 tundi tagasi
You simpletons! It would be the “PlayStation 5 Pro”!
Timothy Lee
Timothy Lee - 6 tundi tagasi
“PlayStation 6”
Greatest line ever said.
gamer4fun - 6 tundi tagasi
what happened to the xbox 360 SLIM
Trip Hoffman
Trip Hoffman - 6 tundi tagasi
My friend has an Xbox
Not an Xbox 360 or Xbox 1
The original Xbox
p-y - 6 tundi tagasi
1:19 that was way funnier than it had any right to be.
Aj D
Aj D - 6 tundi tagasi
But I mean at least play station go the numbers in order
JamesCanDraw !
JamesCanDraw ! - 7 tundi tagasi
Hjcrockets - 7 tundi tagasi
Me who plays on switch - _ -
Dorks Domain
Dorks Domain - 7 tundi tagasi
Would’ve been funnier if the guy who named PlayStation consoles was a kid and got really nervous and just said the next number
Spoopy Doge
Spoopy Doge - 7 tundi tagasi
Honestly this is actually a good idea. You don’t have to come up with an entire new name just put something else in the name and BOOM new consle
DJPendell Music
DJPendell Music - 7 tundi tagasi
I actually have the Xbox 360 E. Still works great!
RedFoxx - 7 tundi tagasi
Sony names their consoles so we'll, then there's their smartphones
Colék Rewson
Colék Rewson - 7 tundi tagasi
People sometimes say PC is superior to all.
They just like to ignore the fact that there are USB types within types with a very confusing naming system.
(This is the most compact list I could find and it doesn't even include the thunderbolt types)
3.2 used to be separated as 3.0 and 3.1 but then they renamed them both to 3.2 and had them still separated as gen 1 and gen 2
AND THEN they added gen2x2
Who's job is it to name these things?
Göran Ingesson
Göran Ingesson - 7 tundi tagasi
Playstation consol names: make sence
Mr Crompsky
Mr Crompsky - 7 tundi tagasi
It sounds cool
Jax Augustin
Jax Augustin - 7 tundi tagasi
xbox 360 was named the xbox 360 because it was one of the first consoles that had 3d (360)
LocalDefaulty - 7 tundi tagasi
off topic Shadman or minus8?
BulletTracer - 7 tundi tagasi
I’m so glad circletoons is still as funny as I remember lol. Don’t change circle. 👍
Brick Daddy
Brick Daddy - 7 tundi tagasi
KalonOrdona2 - 8 tundi tagasi
Who wants an Sbos?
BobbyBeRad - 8 tundi tagasi
Frankly, I just gave up trying to know which Xbox is which these days
McCHEESE - 8 tundi tagasi
dude playstation just increases the number if they make a new one started off with ps1 then ps2 then ps3 then ps4 then now ps5 see they don't care about the name they just care if people by their product
Stuff and Stuff
Stuff and Stuff - 8 tundi tagasi
is the guy who names the playstation consoles sitting in an akira reference?
bonnie the plush bunny
bonnie the plush bunny - 8 tundi tagasi
Teacher: Jony! If you were paying attention, then, how do we solve this question?
Me: playstation 6
Teacher: HOLY CR-
Cookie_ eater9000
Cookie_ eater9000 - 8 tundi tagasi
You say they only produced 7 but in reality they sold millions
Peshy - 8 tundi tagasi
Not talking about this video specifically, but why do people complain that Xbox’s naming system makes no sense and then go ahead and complain that PlayStation’s naming system is too simple. It’s impossible to please some people. PICK ONE AND SHUT UP
Fire Monster
Fire Monster - 9 tundi tagasi
Bruh but just listen .... how would new people know which xbox is the newest meanwhile the ps is from 1 to 5 so people can easily find out which one is the newest and latest
The 3.0
The 3.0 - 9 tundi tagasi
I have an Xbox 360 E
Marlon Llanes
Marlon Llanes - 9 tundi tagasi
You forgot XBOX Smart Fridge
Chara1056 - 9 tundi tagasi
What about the portables? I get the name behind PSP, but Vita?
JoseMmmhm - 9 tundi tagasi
Your forgot the XBox fridge
Никита Константинов
Longest animation on the channel
Dominic S.
Dominic S. - 9 tundi tagasi
Vita (that was a fluke)
Joe Sugma
Joe Sugma - 9 tundi tagasi
thepotatolord - 9 tundi tagasi
Playing ps5
*uses Xbox 360 controller*
Haikus Дмитрий Nigerson
Naming the psp was like
what is this new console?
a handheld
a what?
a portable console
ooh, yeaah I know how to name it
playstation portable
eastboundlime 64
eastboundlime 64 - 10 tundi tagasi
The X box SEries X or X box SEX or even worse the SEX BOX
jackthehacker05 - 10 tundi tagasi
I'm sorry but I can't be the only one that had no idea that there was such thing as an "Xbox 360 S" or an "Xbox 360 E"